Philippine American Association of North Carolina Inc. (PAANC)

PAANC is a registered non-profit 501C(3) organization created primarily to enhance friendship and camaraderie among Philippine-American families in North Carolina as well as to provide assistance in humanitarian efforts both locally and in the Philippines. Since its establishment in 1984, the organization has grown significantly in its membership and continues to make great strides in cultural, social, and economic arenas.

Our mission

The mission of the PAANC is to preserve cultural heritage, foster education and social exchange, and provide humanitarian assistance and services in the wake of natural or economic disasters regardless of geographical location, but especially in North Carolina and in the Philippines.

Humanitarian projects

PAANC sponsors and participates in a number of humanitarian projects within our community and in the Philippines. We believe it is our responsibility to provide aid to those in need. Volunteers are always needed to help continue our humanitarian service.

The Carolina Medical Mission is the primary humanitarian project of the nonprofit organization, PAANC. Since 1994, the annual mission has served thousands of our fellow Filipinos.With their dedicated volunteer professionals, CMM provides free Medical, Ophthalmic, Surgical, and Dental services to the many disadvantaged, health-impaired individuals in the rural areas of the Philippines. In recent years, the mission also started an anti-TB multiple drug therapy project. At the conclusion of each mission, the venue/ hospital receives gifts of medical supplies and some surgical/anesthesiology instruments from CMM.

Cultural offerings

Every year, PAANC provides a wealth of opportunities to engage in cultural and social events, including cultural arts classes, performances, productions, presentations, and sponsorships.

Educational offerings

Munting Eskwela is a pilot project that provides quality instruction in Philippine Language (Tagalog), Music, and Folk Dancing. Objectives of the program are:

-To promote and preserve the diverse culture and heritage of the Filipino-American community through multidisciplinary arts programming
-To provide educational and performance opportunities to enhance an appreciation and awareness of the Filipino culture
-To foster relationships among the Filipino and American community
To create a permanent program that raises the level of artistic programming and presentation

Board of Trustees 2012

  • Eduardo Panganiban – Board Chair
  • Nora Tapales – Secretary
  • Pat Castaneda Massey – Secretary
  • Susan Serna – Treasurer
  • Maria Sol Haliburton – Publications
  • Aurora Sprague – Folk Arts
  • Ana Rivera – International Festival
  • Josie Driver – Annual Picnic
  • Ansell & Abegayle Neri – Special Projects
  • Membership
  • Samantha Mcknight
  • Eduardo Panganiban
  • Annual Gala
  • Sheryl Dela Cruz Dimanlig
  • Dalisay Quiambao-Stevenson
  • Humanitarian Committee
  • Emma Dempsey – Humanitarian Chair
  • Emma Dempsey – Carolina Medical Mission
  • Tess Ferrer – Outreach
  • Ana & Ding Rivera -Scholarship
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