Filipino American International Youth Development Foundation

FILIPINO American International Youth Development Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps less fortunate children, youth and individuals in the Philippines in order to promote positive change. Our motto is that “Restoring Lives Fulfilling Dreams.” By bringing young, aspiring individuals into the community we help the youth develop and mature into the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Program provides youth with the tools and environment that they need to develop into great leaders and become a productive citizen.

Contact us and find out how you can help touch lives of the children and youths in need.


The foundation promotes the total well being of children, young people and their community and enable them to become well-adjusted, productive citizens.


We envision that children , youth and individuals to be self-sufficient and contribute to the development of the next generation.


The Filipino-American International Youth Development Foundation is a nonprofit institution founded to provide programs and services to needy children and youth in the USA and in the Philippines through the following:

1. To support and prepare disadvantaged children and the youth in need for success in life through education.

2. To provide partnership, financial support and advocacy for small grass roots organization in the Philippines.

3. To provide funding for outreach and basic services to greater number of families, children and youth in need.

4. To participate in and contribute to the activities and programs of other non-profit organizations or persons pursuing a similar purpose and mission which aim to improve the quality of life.

5. To organized volunteers and other individuals , especially those in the United States to work in a united effort for the betterment of needy children and youth and their families.

Core values

Attitude We fully engage our hearts and minds in our work, and operate with a “can do” attitude each day. Furthermore, we will be compassionate and caring while assisting participants (clients) and while working with each other.


We honor and uphold our commitments to this agency, colleagues, and participants (clients) we serve. We will continue to serve all in a compassionate and caring manner.


We communicate with colleagues, participants (clients), and the community in an open and clear manner that enhances understanding. We respect and protect confidentiality and hold ourselves to the highest professional standards.

3.Leadership and Professionalism

We recognize that each of us leads by the examples we set. As leaders, we seek to find and offer solutions for the problems and challenges that emerge.


We value, respect, and honor diversity in culture, language, community, special needs, and other forms of diversity. Furthermore, we are open to expression and encourage participation from diverse viewpoints.

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