Classic holiday hit ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ gets update

Christmas favorite to be sung in over 10 languages featuring original singer Bobby Helms, guest artists

The classic Christmas holiday hit “Jingle Bell Rock” will saturate radio and streaming services once again this year, like it has since 1957, but with one major difference. It will be sung in over 10 different languages and in duet form.

For the first time since its original release by legendary recording artist Bobby Helms over 60 years ago, it will be heard worldwide in different languages and also several English duet versions. Professional celebrity vocalists in each country have joined the musical mission to “Jingle Bell Rock the World.” Each artist adds their own musical style and lyric variations to fit their language’s translation of the famous tune.

Helms is heard singing a portion of the song in English and a portion is also heard in the native language of the guest artist.

The non-English languages and artists include French by Sonith, German by Katrin Lion, Spanish by Destiny Malibu, Portuguese by Danda Brasil, Hindi by She Shree, Croation by Nikita, Norwegian and Swedish by Ronnie Sun, Japanese by Manami, Tamil by Lekha Gopi Meunier aka Lexaholism, Sahoue-Gbe by Wes B, Croatian by Nikita, Slovak by LeRa, Farsi by Fanarak Shahroozi, and Armenian by sisters Blue Nectarine.

Included in the celebrity English duets with Helms are America’s Got Talent Champion Marcelito Pomoy, Kool & the Gang” and “Dazz Band” lead singer Skip Martin, internet celebrity influencer and singer Destiny Malibu, Australian music legend “Swanee”, and Elvis Presley’s daughter Elaine Elizabeth Presley.

All versions of the songs are available for streaming and downloading on most major services and also on YouTube by searching Bobby Helms Duets Channel. The songs are produced by Hellmut Wolf, and distribution is by Wolf Entertainment.

All song versions are available for licensing for commercial use from Jingle Bell Rock Music/John Kleiman©. All Licensing inquiries should be made to: The Ace Duran at [email protected].

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