PDP-Laban considers learning ideology, policy from China’s Communist Party

THE Philippines’ ruling political party is open to the possibility of learning new ideologies, policies — this time, from China’s sole governing party.

Speaking before visiting Filipino journalists in Fujian province in China, Communist Party of China (CPC) officials said that in December 2016, the Philippines’ ruling political party PDP-Laban entered into an agreement with CPC for  its members to undergo “policy training” and to learn about the ways and ideology of the Chinese.

“For instance, they want to know how the CPC was organized, how they make decisions, how they practice in the CPC, how they work,” a senior provincial official told reporters on Sunday, July 16.

Pimentel and 24 members of the Philippine delegation were in Fuzhou, the capital of the province, for the BRICS Political Parties, Think-tanks, and Civil Society Organizations Forum 2017.

A press release from the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said Pimentel and his delegation were invited by the CPC municipal committee in Xiamen.

The delegation led by Pimentel reportedly met with Pei Jinjiang, other senior officials, a member of the standing committee of the CPC Fujian provincial committee and secretary of the CPC Xiamen municipal committee.

“We enhance our relationship. We use imagination on how to do it. Wala namang nakalista na specific activities (There are no specific activities listed),” Pimentel said, referring to the December agreement with CPC.

According to a Rappler article, Pimentel said they needed to know more about the CPC’s program, expressing interest into it.

“We are still negotiating with them. We need more details about the program but we are very open to availing of it,” Pimentel reportedly said in a text message.

He commended Fujians for doing a good job despite its background.

“I am very impressed with [the] Fujian[s]. They are not at the center of the country politically or economically, but they still managed to do very well,” he said.

The PDP-Laban president further expressed his interest in studying the good practices employed by the Fujian province.

“I think that we should look closely at how they were able to develop their economy despite their distance from the capital Beijing, while at the same remaining environment-friendly,” he said.

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