Nine more overseas Filipinos contract COVID-19

NINE new cases of the novel coronavirus have been reported among Filipinos around the world, bringing the total number of infections to 9,145, the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) announced on Tuesday, July 21.

Meanwhile, the agency logged one new fatality, which brings the death toll to 645. Nine Filipinos have also recovered, raising the official count of recoveries to 5,369.

“Today’s latest figures on COVID-19 cases among our nationals abroad show nine new confirmed cases in Asia and the Pacific and Europe, nine new recoveries in Asia and the Pacific, and one new fatality in the Middle East,” the DFA said.

“The DFA also confirms one new report from a country in Europe, bringing the total number of countries and regions with confirmed cases among Filipinos to 68,” it added.

Overall by region, Europe — which comprises 17 countries — has recorded 1,075 Filipino cases, including 484 undergoing treatment, 496 recoveries and 95 deaths.

The Middle East and Africa, covering 27 countries, has reported 6,605 cases; of which, 2,380 are undergoing treatment, 375 deaths and 3,850 recoveries.

The Asia Pacific region, which spans across 17 countries, has 767 cases, with 148 under treatment, 613 recoveries, and six deaths.

The Americas — covering seven countries like the United States — have 698 reported cases, with 119 undergoing treatment, 410 recoveries, and 169 deaths.

“With these new developments, the DFA shall continue to keep track of the status of Filipinos abroad and stands ready to earnestly assist and facilitate repatriations, whenever possible,” said the DFA.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, the total number of infected individuals has reached 70,764 after the Department of Health confirmed 1,951 new COVID-19 cases. The death toll has risen to 1,837 and the number of recovered patients to 23,281.

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