San Diego adopts three-year economic development strategy

Plan focuses on innovation, sustainability, neighborhoods, trade and more

SAN DIEGO – To plan for a prosperous future, the City of San Diego adopted a new three-year Economic Development Strategy (EDS) this week. The plan will establish the city as a global leader in sustainability, trade, innovation and equity-centered change.

“San Diego is a diverse, global city and this new plan will ensure the city continues its path to prosperity,” said Christina Bibler, Director of the Economic Development Department (EDD). “We strive to implement the goals in this strategy which focus on the needs of families, workers, local businesses and neighborhoods, and identify pathways for trade and innovation.”

EDD administers grant funding to city programs that bolster small businesses, affordable housing and more. The EDS is aligned with the city’s Strategic Plan and Climate Action Plan. The EDS also includes an identified mission, vision, objectives, focus areas and performance measures to help track progress on initiatives and resources to drive additional economic value to San Diego.

San Diego City Council adopted the previous EDS in December 2016, which covered the period from 2017 to 2019, and included tactics identified before the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the impact of the pandemic and economic climate at the time, efforts to update the strategy in 2020 were unsuccessful. The newly approved EDS framework reflects the city’s current priorities and changing realities, and envisions economic recovery post-pandemic.

Additionally, the new EDS strives to:

  • Support families and workers by creating more jobs and coordinating services like child care and continuing education.
  • Support small and local businesses by providing direct assistance to entrepreneurs and help identify funding for businesses.
  • Bolster trade and innovation by eliminating trade barriers and enhancing the city as a binational and multicultural economy.
  • Strengthen neighborhoods by increasing affordable housing and providing resources to Communities of Concern, including helping build lively centers of culture and commerce.

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