Ombudsman Morales tells Duterte to review her statement

Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales clarified that her “goading people to kill” comment was her own personal view and not something dictated by the law.

“Her answer was ‘goading people to kill’ irrespective of the context is, to me, unacceptable.’ She did not say anything about any law against threatening criminals,” the Office of the Ombudsman said on Monday, July 17.

“The president should review what she said first,” it added.

Furthermore, Morales “does not find it necessary to say anything more.”

Morales’ statement came after President Rodrigo Duterte challenged her to present him a law that says threatening to kill criminals is illegal.

The ombudsman said she was “amused” after finding out the response of the president.

Earlier, Japan’s NHK World interviewed Morales. The interview was aired Thursday night (July 13) in the Philippines.

“He’s goading people to kill people. That’s a problem. His communications people say ‘that’s hyperbole,’” Morales was quoted during the interview.

Morales’ latest clarification affirmed her statement last year when she said there is nothing illegal in the president’s threats to kill criminals in his public speeches.

The 76-year-old ombudsman is related to the president by affinity. Morales is the sister of Atty. Lucas Carpio, Jr., husband of Court of Appeals Justice Agnes Reyes Carpio. Agnes and Lucas are the parents of Mans Carpio, Sara Duterte’s husband.

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