Runway visionary Alexis Bong Monsanto opens LA Fashion Week with splendor

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ONCE again, the fashion industry took center stage during LA Fashion Week. The season opened with a spectacular explosion of vibrant colors of Fall and Winter collection by runway visionary Alexis Bong Monsanto in Los Angeles’ historical landmark Japanese Garden of Yamashiro.

It was no surprise that Monsanto displayed the style lines and drapery of a master couturier. The quality of his work is unequaled. Nevertheless, you have to prepare for the unexpected when it comes to Monsanto. This year, he took ready-to-wear dresses and sportswear and transformed them into a stunning and captivating work of art – creating a powerful statement about the power of change, progress, and evolution. A beautiful representation of transformation, growth, and advancement.

Photo courtesy of Jaime Lim

Inspired by Jewels of Dream, Monsanto presented a mythical narrative on the fashion runway illustrating splendor, wonder, and enchantment by exploring the exciting elements of the wilderness. Monsanto combines his signature feminine sense of creativity with a timeless appeal by using the finest luxury fabrics and of myriad intensifying colors. His works is a trademark of sensuality, verve & sophistication. Throughout the event, the ambiance was lavish, elegant, and sensitive. The event was a celebration of both class and grace. Through his creations, he conveys powerful metaphors that everyone can embrace.

It also featured Monsanto’s signature combination of feminine creative vision and timeless appeal as he uses the finest luxury fabrics as his canvas. From fabric manipulation by draping, Laser cut techniques, pleats & 3D fabric processing, the latest product development that the designer is pioneering. The Monsanto look is his signature sensuality, verve & sophistication. Sexy but not gauche, sophisticated but not eccentric, embellished but not flashy.

Photo courtesy of Jaime Lim

“I embrace a style that is irreverent, unafraid, existential and provocative. With fashion I aspire to create challenges for myself, while creating a whimsical world for my client. Ideally, they’ll tap into a form of expression that would otherwise seem unattainable. I am inspired by everything in my life, from the cold black objectivity of commerce to the warm subjective embrace of the muses,” said Monsanto.

As his story unfolds on the runway, the journey is like a movie set. So Dramatic, so refreshing, so moving, and so provoking. From the choice of imagery, production design, music, and sound effects to the choice of adornment crafted by IXXIA Jewelries. Every detail is perfection. Everything is exquisite. The enchanting sounds intensify and emphasize every the gliding motion, every step and movement of the models and the dazzling jewels they wear. A whirl of sparkles, twirls, spins, and sways come together in harmony. The ambiance enhanced the mood of the night, each gemstones and their glint as the lights touches its surface is a total spectacle. The total performance gives everyone that sense of wonder and awe.  All are captivated by the splendor. What a graceful show.

Not to mention the gastronomic four-course dining experience and food journey prepared by celebrity chef Valerie Castillo Archer. An excellent addition to an evening filled with enchantment and amusement. Her culinary creation was a splendid complement to the event.

Photo courtesy of Jaime Lim

The show drew boldface guests including Dubai Based International designer Michael Cinco, Rapper Ri-Yo, TV Creator Michael Kelley (ABC Revenge), Lana Parrilla (ABC Once Upon a Time, Why Women Kill), Grant Shaw (Dynasty,Melrose Place), Former supermodel Bessie Badilla,  and performer Chris Chatman. Chatman’s performance created a perfect balance and added to the evening’s unforgettable experience.

His live entertainment, gourmet fare, and visually stunning fashion show benefitted Project Angel Food, a non-profit organization that prepares and delivers healthy meals to feed people impacted by serious illnesses.

His philosophy to building his brand, he says, has been to listen to what his customers want. “It’s about making products that are attention-grabbing, unique and different but not overdone,” Monsanto said.

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