Filipina nurses make great “green card” caregivers

SEVERAL years ago, Filipina nurses had a fast track to green cards, as their priority was “current”. They could be immediately petitioned by hospitals or medical facilities for green cards and obtain work authorization even if they arrived as tourist. Those days are gone.
Now, because of the wait for a green card, hospitals are no longer willing to petition nurses. In addition, in order to practice, they must pass Visa Screen, or NCLEX.
I’ve come across many Filipina nurses who steadfastly want to practice nursing. I admire and respect their resolve. However, jobs are not readily available in the U.S. for nurses, because hospital facilities don’t want to wait for years for the nurse to get a green card and pass for visa screen.
Obviously, a BSN graduate/licensed nurse in the Philippines is qualified to provide caregiving in the U.S. The pay is probably higher than what they are earning in the Philippines. In addition, the waiting time or processing time for green card as between nurse and caregiver is the SAME – about two years. There are so many healthcare facilities in need of caregivers, which Philippine nurses would obviously qualify for.
If you have a relative in the Philippines who is a nurse, she/he may want to think about being petitioned as a caregiver, which is an equally rewarding career.  Both jobs deal with taking care of the sick, the elderly and those in need of professional medical care.

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