Three TCK Students Out to Make a Mark in the Business World

An Indonesian philosophy student, a Japanese business finance student, and a Filipino biochemistry student decide to form a team.

What do the three have in common?

A penchant for business and a determination to win the P&G CEO Challenge of 2019. Philosophy major Melissa Sugeng and biochemistry major Trixie Gomez were two regular friends attending Biola University until one of them had the brilliant idea to enter P&G’s competition. On one sunny afternoon, Melissa texted Trixie and asked if Trixie would be interested in forming a business team with her. After recalling Melissa’s shared interest in entrepreneurship and her friend’s steady work ethic, Trixie ecstatically agreed to join. Acknowledging that they needed a business major to complete and balance their entrepreneurial team, Melissa enlisted the help of Thomas Ishikawa and the rest was history.

So what is the challenge, you may ask?

The P&G CEO Challenge is an international business competition held by consumer goods global conglomerate P&G. 

The aim of the challenge is to provide young college entrepreneurs with a chance to prove their business acumen and to make a lasting global impression. Last month, the team progressed into the competition’s second round and were tasked to create a promotional video for its first half. As of now, they are undertaking the second half of the round, which entails growing the video’s digital reach and building its engagement before January 28. Currently, the team’s video has amassed over 8k views, over 400 likes, and 200 shares, with a goal to double those amounts before the assigned end date.

Check out their video above or watch it on Facebook by clicking the link here as well as like it and share it to help this team of young entrepreneurs take one step closer to the American dream!

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