[COLUMN] Consul General to Los Angeles Edgar Badajos and high school batchmates provide relief assistance to Abra flood victims

Volunteers and flood relief recipients are shown in another barangay in Abra.

LOS ANGELES – The donation drive dubbed as “Ahon Abra,” a joint project of the Divine Word College of Bangued (DWCB) High School Batch 82 and the United Specialist Healthcare Foundation (USHF), ended on a successful note.

Begun just a few days after super-typhoon “Egay” caused severe flooding in the province of Abra in late July, the donation drive has raised more than P700,000, which members of the DWCB HS Batch 82 distributed to a hundred families and 946 learners from 6 primary schools and 2 special education schools in barangays that suffered the brunt of the calamity.

The beneficiaries received cash assistance ranging from P3,000 to P7,000 pesos per family, and pre-packed basic school supplies for the learners from the beneficiary schools.

The DWCB HS Batch 82 and USHF expressed their gratitude to all the donors, volunteers, and partners who made the donation drive possible. Dr. Joselito Babaran, president of USHF, and his wife, Lucy, said that they were inspired by the resilience and spirit of the Abrenians who faced the calamity with courage and hope.

As a member of DWCB HS Batch 82, Philippine Consul General to Los Angeles Edgar Badajos sent a personal thank-you note to USHF and its network of friends and supporters who responded positively to the Foundation’s call for help.

“The donation drive was a testament to the power of collaboration and compassion. It showed how a small initiative can grow into a big movement that can make a difference in the lives of many people. It also demonstrated how Abrenians can rise above any challenge and help each other in times of need,” Badajos said.

Here’s Badajos’ thank you letter to all those who donated and supported the project:

“Dear kababayans and friends,

“We are profoundly grateful for your generous donation to help the flood victims in Abra. You are one of the faithful donors who joined the “Ahon Abra” joint donation drive of the Divine Word College Bangued (DWCB) High School Batch 82 and the United Specialist Healthcare Foundation (USHF) headed by Dr. Lito Babaran.

Flood relief recipients mostly schoolchildren are shown in the aftermath of the devastating flood in the province of Abra.

“Your donation is a blessing to the victims who are trying to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of the tragedy caused by super typhoon Egay. You have given them hope and comfort in this time of trial and shown them that human kindness as a virtue is not lost but remains alive through compassionate souls like you.

“May the Lord Almighty always bless you with a good life and more good fortune so that you can continue helping others with your generous heart. You are a God-sent to the people of Abra and we are thankful to have you in the “Ahon Abra” joint donation drive.

For the DWCB Batch 82 and Edgar Badajos Consul General, Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles.”

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