The Barretto family feud reignites

BEFORE starting on the latest buzz about the continuing feud amongst the Barretto sisters Claudine, Marjorie and Gretchen; I would like to inform all my friends and colleagues that my planned birthday celebration on May 31, Saturday, has been canceled due to unavoidable circumstances.  My apologies for the cancellation, but I will keep all of you posted on when it will be.

Going back to what seems to be the never-ending family feud in Philippine showbiz, Claudine recently reignited the flames in a taped interview with Buzz Ng Bayan last May 11.  Claiming that rift started in 2010, Claudine told of an incident that year when older sister Gretchen sent an ambulance at her house, forcing her to be admitted in a hospital for “mental illness” and drug use.

Just last year, Gretchen confirmed through an exclusive letter to that her younger sister has been admitted a couple of times because of “severe drug abuse” and unstable mental condition.  Claudine’s estranged husband, Raymart Santiago, also claimed that his wife is a drug user.

However, Claudine denies all these and said she is angry because her sisters made her look like she has some kind of mental illness, when in fact her psychiatrist described it as “mental torture.”

“I was diagnosed with Battered Wife Syndrome and it’s…mahirap yung mga pinagdaanan ko.  Maraming lies, maraming deceits, maraming pagtatraydor,” she said in the interview.

Claudine also shared that she has received insults from her older sister in the past, calling her “baboy” and “lechon.”  Gretchen even went as far telling her that she has no more career in showbiz.  For these and all that has been happening, Claudine said that she doesn’t want Gretchen to be affiliated with her, and to stay away from her family.

However, Claudine said that she is feels more hurt about how sister Marjorie has treated her.

“I always made life easy for my sister, for Marjorie.  But she killed me the day na tinanggal niya yung karapatan ko to see my nieces na pinalaki ko,” she said.  Because of this, Claudine has considered Marjorie non-existent in her life.  She, however, has high hopes for her niece Julia Barretto, who is now doing well in her showbiz career.”

“[I want to tell Julia] that I love her so much—so, so much.  Siya naman ang susunod sa trono ko, e.  Matagal ko nang sinabi yun.  I’m so proud of her.  I just pray that they don’t forget—Dani, Julia, Claui and Leon,” she said.

After seeing Claudine’s interview on TV, Marjorie immediately sent a statement to the show’s host, Boy Abunda, clarifying all the accusations thrown by her younger sister.

“Claudine, for your information, Mom and Dad begged us to rush to your house because your personal assistant told them you finished all your anti-anxiety medicines.

“We had with us a doctor and an ambulance from a very reputable hospital because we didn’t want you to die, Claudine.

“We were saving your life.

“Dad and Mom, please do not deny the fact that the order to rush her to the hospital came from both of you.

“We do not have a straitjacket, that is a lie.

“Claudine, we were protecting you.

“We don’t want you to die most especially in front of your children.”

Marjorie also explained that she never deprived Claudine of the right to see her children.

“Claudine, you never borrowed my children. You never even tried or call them.

“I will never deprive you of seeing my children. Never.

“Please don’t claim to love my children when not too long ago, you tried so hard to destroy them.”

I am sure more words from both sides will come out in the following days to come.  Of course, people take sides and see this as entertainment, but a lot of people are growing tired of this feud that could have been settled quietly (and not through interviews and press conferences).

We hope that the Barretto clan would be able to put aside their differences and mend the broken ties that once held their family together.

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