[COLUMN] Bea Alonzo talks about goals – starting a business next in line

Kapuso star Bea Alonzo will take some well-deserved time off to bring family to Spain and show them her new apartment in Chamberi, and to take a wellness break. Photo from Instagram/@beaalonzo

KAPUSO star Bea Alonzo has gotten inspired by the character she plays in the new GMA series, “Start Up, which looks at the world of start-up companies. Bea stars with Alden Richards, Yasmien Kurdi and Jeric Gonzales, among other stars, in the series.

When asked about her next big goal, the beautiful actress said, “There’s a lot more (goals). I want to put up my own brand and my own company. I got inspired by Dani,” she shared in an interview with the The STAR, referring to role she plays in the primetime series.

As for the type of business she wants to go into, she is still looking at the possibilities and studying things.

“We’re still trying to figure it out. Actually, that’s part of the reason why I am going on leave. We will be attending to this,” Bea explained.

One thing that she is happy about is the public’s reception of the teleserye and the audience’s support for her. Bea hasn’t topbilled a series since 2017.

“So, I’m happy because the audiences missed me and they have welcomed me back. This time, (it’s) a different channel. I feel like I’m also tapping a different audience who has not seen me before. And I’m happy that they have welcomed me with warmth and open arms,” she said.

And Bea feels attuned to the personality of her character, Dani, who’s a goal-setter.

“I’ve been in the business for 21 yeas and until now, I still feel the need to deliver. I don’t relax, and people who are around me know that about me,” she said.

“Maybe that’s my nature, that’s my quality. I never sleep on set… even during breaks, I never sleep on set because I keep thinking about my next scenes and what I can do to improve myself. That’s how I’m able to resonate with Dani,” she added.

After having been in show business for more than 20 years, Bea says that she has changed a lot, both as an actress and as a person.

“It’s not just in acting but in all things, even at certain events, concerts abroad, interviews and cover shoots. Before, pre-pandemic or maybe when I was younger, it always seemed like I wanted to prove something and I was more concerned with what people would say about me,” she related.

“Now, after the pandemic, I’m starting a new chapter in my career. Now that I have newfound opportunities, I feel like I also have this newfound confidence. Truth be told, I’ve also had many opportunities in the past that people have celebrated about like box-office movies, TV shows, and I really enjoyed those things,” she continued.

“But the difference now is that… before, I would think to myself, ‘I’m not good enough’ because you’re young and you’re always thinking that this will all disappear eventually. So, you’re always in a rush,” she further said.

The pandemic has given Bea many realizations, including how time is fleeting.

“We lost a lot of loved ones during the pandemic… I know that (life) is fleeting and we don’t even know if there’s still a third wind. So right now, I just try to enjoy the moment and try to live the moment as much as possible,” she disclosed.

Meanwhile, Bea, who is turning 35 on October 17, revealed that she has no grand plans for her coming birthday. She did reveal, however, that she asked her home network for a month-long leave to enjoy a wellness break, and to bring her mom and family to her newly-purchased apartment in Spain.

The property she bought is a unit in a building designed by famous architect Tristan Domecq, and is located in Chamberi, a district which is described as “traditional” but with “aristocractic architectural flair.”

* * *

Actor Piolo Pascual was struck at how co-star Lovi Poe was such a chameleon on set.
Photo from Instagram/@piolo_pascual

Piolo Pascual and Lovi Poe were full of praises for each other after they finished taping for their ABS-CBN series, “Flower of Evil,” an adaptation of the South Korean drama which tells the story of a female police officer and her husband who is accused as a serial killer.

“I pray that I get to work with Piolo again because it was not enough. I feel like there’s so much more that we can do. We spent like how many months together and I feel like there’s so much more that we could give,” Poe said in an article written in The STAR.

“I would love to do a movie with him. We’ve talked about this before. Even if we do MMK (on TV). We’ve been doing drama for a while and you guys don’t know or realize how funny he is behind the cameras. So, that’s something that I want people to see more of him,” she added.

Actress Lovi Poe enjoyed shooting “Flower of Evil” with co-star Piolo Pascual whom she described as a leader on the set. Photo from Instagram/@lovipoe

Lovi credited Piolo for being a leader on the set.

“When you’re there on set, you share the same energy, and with Piolo he’s kind of the… of course, our directors are the captain of the ship but Piolo is the one holding the group together, she said. “His energy is very contagious so when the leader gives his best, doesn’t even complain, you have no choice but to actually be the same. You have to emulate such character. Now, I understand why Piolo has always been on top. He’s always been Piolo Pascual for a reason not just because he’s an amazing actor, but also because of his character — as a person.”

As for Piolo, what struck him most was how much of a chameleon his co-star was.

“One thing I really, really enjoyed about her is her being a chameleon. Coming into the show, she was the new one, but what she gave to the role — I mean, she was always scared, she was always fearful because the scope of her character was really big. But perhaps, one thing that made it easy, chemistry-wise, she was really there,” Piolo said.

“Her innate talent, her skills, I was floored. We really just drew on each other’s emotions and it was easy for both of us because we both just wanted to make it work and make it more beautiful. We were on the same page the whole time,” he continued.

“She was supporting me and I was supporting her through and through and until the end. That’s why it felt like it wasn’t enough because we could have done much more,” he further stated, adding that Lovi had no qualms on set, not even minding if accidents happen during the action scenes.

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