Building Dreams, Shaping Cities: WORLDBEX 2024 Celebrates Filipino Builders Drawn to Ascendancy

Manila, Philippines – January 19, 2024 – The World of Building and Construction Expo

(WORLDBEX) returns for its 27th edition, this time soaring to new heights under the theme “Drawn to Ascendancy.” From March 14-17, 2024, at TWO MEGA venues the SMX Convention Center Manila, and World Trade Center Metro Manila. WORLDBEX 2024 is set to transform into a global hub for innovation, showcasing cutting-edge technology and celebrating the Filipino builders shaping the future of cities across the globe.

This year’s WORLDBEX takes center stage as a platform to empower and acknowledge the remarkable talent of Filipino construction professionals. The theme “Drawn to Ascendancy” embodies the unwavering spirit and ambition – driving Filipino builders to reach new heights, both in their careers and in shaping the skylines of the nation.

We pay homage to local and international builders who thrive to embrace change and adapt to the modern building and design landscape. They serve as the backbone of our nation’s progress that continues to signify the dynamic opportunities across the industry. From Architectural experts and Engineering professionals to Landscape artists and Design connoisseurs, their skills, dedication, and ingenuity are evident in every towering edifice and resilient structure across the country today. WORLDBEX 2024 is our way of celebrating their achievements and providing them with the tools and knowledge to propel them even further.

The four-day event will bring together over — exhibitors from the Philippines and across the world, showcasing the latest advancements in construction technologies, materials, and design. From eco-friendly building solutions to smart building automation and AI-powered construction tools, WORLDBEX 2024 will be a feast for the eyes and a playground for sustainable innovation.

WORLDBEX 2024 is not just an expo; it’s a catalyst for the nation’s building and design industry to ascend to new heights. Join us as we celebrate the builders who are not just building dreams, but shaping the cities of tomorrow.

WORLDBEX 2024 is organized by Worldbex Services International.

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