UltraPass ID spearheads decentralized digital identity adoption at scale in the Philippines

Secretary Gina Raimondo (left) with UltraPass ID CEO Eric Starr.

IN A significant move towards digital transformation, UltraPass ID, under the leadership of CEO and Co-Founder Eric Starr, has announced its presence in Manila as part of the Presidential Trade and Investment Mission led by Secretary Gina Raimondo. Starr’s participation underscores the company’s commitment to pioneering decentralized identity solutions in the Philippines, a market burgeoning with potential and ready for technological innovation.

UltraPass ID, known for its comprehensive suite of decentralized identity infrastructure solutions – including UAuth for biometric authentication, TrustLink for privacy-preserving data sharing, and TrustLink Edge for secure data exchange withing critical infrastructure – has identified the Philippines as a dynamic market ripe for the adoption of advanced digital identity systems.

Now Corp/UltraPass ID signing ceremony with Henry Abes and Eric Starr.

During the Presidential Trade and Investment Mission, UltraPass ID announced agreements with the Department of Budget and Management and NOW Corporation, highlighting the growing demand for robust digital identity infrastructure that prioritizes security, interoperability, and user privacy.

Echoing Secretary Raimondo’s assertion that “economic security is national security,” necessitating robust cybersecurity, Starr’s vision for the Philippines is ambitious. He announced plans to establish an innovation hub in the country, aiming to make the Philippines a global beacon for decentralized digital identity innovation. This initiative seeks to attract international attention, drive job growth, and showcase the Philippines’ capability in deploying cutting-edge technology.

DBM signing ceremony with Chris Guingcangco and Eric Starr.

The Starr’s call to action is clear: with the support of both the United States and Philippine governments, UltraPass ID’s vision can transform the digital identity landscape, fostering a more secure, inclusive, and interconnected world. Highlighted by agreements with DBM and NOW Corp and advanced discussions with a number of other agencies, Starr’s enthusiasm for the potential of the Philippine market and the urgent demand for UltraPass ID’s solutions reflect a promising future for digital transformation in the country.

As UltraPass ID continues to navigate the bureaucratic landscape and seeks to expedite agreements with numerous government agencies, the support from the administration remains crucial. Starr’s commitment to “move fast and fix things”, sets a new paradigm for technological advancement in the Philippines, promising a future where digital identity solutions not only enhance security but also empower individuals with control over their information.

Presidential Trade and Investment Mission delegation at the Ayala Museum.

UltraPass ID’s participation in the Presidential Trade and Investment Mission represents a significant step in collaboration between the United States and the Philippines. It aims at achieving unprecedented success in digital identity and beyond, firmly rooted in the belief that securing economic and national security begins with robust cybersecurity.

UltraPass ID’s participation in the Presidential Trade and Investment Mission marks a significant step in U.S.-Philippines collaboration, emphasizing a mutual commitment to decentralized identity solutions for enhanced cybersecurity, data privacy and global interoperability.

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