SFIO kicks off US education road tour

Smokefree Innotec, Inc. (SFIO), a New Zealand-based Filipino company, is starting its educational road tour in the United States.

The company’s chairman, Jeths De Jesus Lacson, announced that SFIO has successfully acquired Agrokings, Inc. and its subsidiaries in August 2021. This roadshow is focused on digital entrepreneurial education, giving people a first-hand education in adapting to the new world of the digital economy. The ultimate direction is to educate people to explore the multi-stream economic opportunity, both in the digital and conventional economy or business.

SFIO is collaborating with SAM Digital Technologies (SDT) — another Filipino-owned corporation based in Australia and also registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the Philippines as endorsed by the Central Bank— to spearhead the educational promotional campaign for SFIO together with Coach Jonathan Petalver of The Global Academy NZ. Rommel Santos is SDT’S founding chair.

As this developed, the two firms had recently inked a $100 million deal to initiate expansion plans in the U.S. Santos said the “collaboration” would allow Smart Digital subscribers, particularly those supporting SFIO projects, to reap benefits as SDT “intends to leverage SFIO shares of stocks as a benefit in its membership program.”

“By offering a subscription-based membership program to support the multi-economic ecosystem of Smart Asset Managers (SAM), members and subscribers can maximize the opportunities from the various diverse industries within the program,” Santos expounded.

SAM Digital Technologies is a non-investment subscription-based membership program. The company’s founding Chairman said that “under no circumstances that SAM Digital Tech would invite people to invest nor offer investment program or managed fund as this will breach the regulatory licenses.”

Santos explained that all the incentives or rewards, bonuses distributed in the SAM E-wallet is solely and purely for the benefit of its members.

SFIO acquires ‘Agrokings’

SFIO has recently completed its acquisition of Agrokings, Inc. It now has full management and control of the company and is in the process of renaming it, according to Lacson.

Agrokings is a Delaware incorporated company with six New Zealand-based subsidiaries — Epiphany Café Franchise Group, Ardent Bakers, Gorgeous Coffee Co., A+ Electrical, Accord Investment Group and AG Architects — all of which currently have a strong presence in New Zealand and Australia.

“In line with the business expansion plans, we will raise funds to enable the global expansion of SFIO and to support the growth of companies within the group, which are intended to provide added capabilities to enable a successful expansion of SFIO and to invest in each company for their internal growth,” Lacson said.

SFIO has five strategic business divisions: franchising, food manufacturing, coffee business, property development, as well as technology and software development. The synergistic companies will enable SFIO to expand its asset base through mergers, strategic acquisitions, investments, and partnerships with companies that would increase the market value of SFIO, thus providing more value to its shareholders.”

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