BeBalanced: Your journey towards balanced health

Pictured is the new BeBalanced center in Woodland Hills, CA. The atmosphere emphasizes not only a bright future for the company but also its clients.

Living a balanced life not only deals with how we spend our time or what lifestyles we choose to follow, but balance is also important within our health. BeBalanced is a nation-wide franchise that seeks to improve the health of women all over the nation. They offer natural and holistic solutions to various symptoms that are typically associated with PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) and menopause. Some of these symptoms include weight gain and the inability to lose this weight, even when the person is consistent in their diet and exercise.

These symptoms can be extremely frustrating to deal with, however, through BeBalanced, women all over are able to learn how to manage these symptoms as well as eliminate them. Within the first month of being a part of the BeBalanced program, women will find themselves losing on average of 15-22 lbs, where they additionally see an improvement in their mood, energy, sleep, bloating, digestive health, night sweats, hot flashes, and more.

BeBalanced helps these women through natural hormone balancing where they work on balancing key hormones within the body through various natural methods. Some of the methods include the following: whole-food diets, stress management, natural supplements, and guided support. The company additionally educates women in how to maintain this balance, specifically in how stressors in their daily lives can throw many of these hormones off balance, which therefore causes a majority of their symptoms.

While women make up most of BeBalanced’s clientele, they also encourage men to try out their programs that are meant for them. These programs aid men in reversing weight gain, addressing their sleep issues and other symptoms that come with bettering their health or well-being.

Recently, the franchise made its step towards expanding their services to the Los Angeles area through their new location in Woodland Hills, CA. This was celebrated with a grand opening and wellness educational event held on October 25, 2023.

Asian Journal had the chance to speak with Cher Olivos, the owner and operator of this newly opened BeBalanced center. The entire time, she was very enthusiastic about the grand opening and was quite vocal about her passion in helping future BeBalanced clients. Her passion in working with and for BeBalanced stems from her own experience with the company.

“When I discovered it (BeBalanced) I was nursing my son,” Olivos explained, expressing how she was experiencing her own problems with hormone imbalance. “In one week (with BeBalanced) I learned about so many other women (experiencing the same symptoms). You know, you think you’re the only one sometimes but my cousin is pre menopausal and has so many issues with her hot flashes then my niece experiences painful periods,” she added, showing how BeBalanced made a significant shift in her life by providing her with the hope that her symptoms can be alleviated.

“My husband heard a podcast about endometriosis and how the medical industry only throws birth control and you still deal with the pain. You still have the problem, you just know when the pain is coming,” Olivos declared, emphasizing how there are so many women including herself who need hormonal balancing and support beyond what the industry can offer but that BeBalanced can help them with.

The grand opening event was a success from the very beginning. “We have so many guests, over a hundred RSVPs. From business owners to clients to those just wondering what we’re about,” Olivos described. She spoke about what attendees would be able to experience that day. It was first and foremost a celebration of the new BeBalanced center, with the West Valley-Warner Chamber of Commerce in attendance for their ribbon cutting.

Pictured above is the ribbon cutting for the new BeBalanced center in Woodland Hills, CA. Cher Olivo is pictured in the middle with her son and husband, where they are surrounded by the West Valley-Warner Chamber of Commerce who have come to celebrate the grand opening with her.

The event also offered free educational presentations, free tours and wellness assessment, and even network opportunities. “We have reps from our supplemental manufacturer here, so they can really get into the ingredients. You will see the natural ingredients in our supplements and what they do and what they’re for,” Olivos emphasized, displaying the authenticity and honesty of BeBalanced.

This was not the first time that Cher Olivos has however represented BeBalanced as she had previously been on Good Day LA, a show on FOX 11, where she was interviewed about BeBalanced. “I loved it, they loved it. They want me to come back,” she excitedly expressed, detailing how she connected with one of the hosts, Amanda Salas. “Amanda was so sweet. She was telling me about her personal experience before our interview. So it was such a great experience to be able to share that and connect with her on another level. Not just as an interview,” Olivos explained.

“My team and I, we just have such a passion for this. To be able to change lives, not just help people lose weight but improve their symptoms and essentially improve their quality of life. All of this is impacting the pain, their stresses, their bloating. It’s impacting their personal lives, their work, and just how they feel overall. So for us to make a shift in their lives in such a short amount of time is rewarding on so many levels,” Olivos passionately conveyed.

Olivos’ words are backed up by client experience, where BeBalanced took a survey among them that detailed their experiences. According to the survey, 76.6% of their clients who were experiencing the symptoms described above had a decrease in them or felt them disappear completely. Clients also lost an average of 18.01 lbs within the first 30 days of being a part of BeBalanced’s “Becoming Balanced” program for weight loss.

Each client is unique to BeBalanced, where they offer a variety of programs and products that can be tailored to one’s specific needs. To reach out or inquire for more information on how BeBalanced can transform your life and alleviate your symptoms caused by hormone imbalance, you can visit their Los Angeles center at the following address:

21809 Ventura Blvd

Woodland Hills, CA 91364

If you would simply like to seek out information first online, their specific website is the following: You can also reach their LA location through their phone number: (818)-854-6416

To inquire with BeBalanced directly or to find a center near you, their general website is as follows:

Let yourself find a balance within your own life through BeBalanced centers!

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