Valuable insights on international trade opportunities

ONE of the purposes of the upcoming “Multi-City Travel,Trade & Consumer Roadshow” on Saturday, August 4 and Sunday, August 5, at the Southbay Pavilion in Carson, CA — spearheaded by the Asian Journal — is to educate the general public not only about the many amazing products that the Philippines has to offer, but also provide the many facets of international trade whether you are currently or thinking about importing into the U.S. or exporting products from the U.S. to the many countries around the world.

The Asian Journal and PLANET63 have gathered experts that are connected to the field of international trade. They will provide insightful information that will help entrepreneurs, importers and exporters become more knowledgeable about the exciting world of international trade and possibly creating a business within this industry.

The goals for the speaker sessions are to:

• Help the audience understand international trade as a whole but more specifically focused on the opportunities that are available in the Philippines.

•  Understand how to interact with different countries by understanding the culture and how they do business

•  Understand the the process in how to source, ship and sell Philippine products into the U.S. market. Also provide valuable information in how to export products from the U.S. into the Philippines

•  Discover different ways to finance a U.S. manufacturer in exporting products to the Philippines

•  Provide insight in how to successfully market to the U.S. market with creative marketing, labeling and packaging

Meet the speakers for August 4 and 5 — as they will be making their presentations at the B2B section of the trade show. The sessions will begin on Saturday, August 4 at 12:30 p.m.

Conducting the right research to compete in the U.S. market by Sarita Jackson

Sarita D. Jackson, Ph.D. is the founder, president and CEO of the Global Research Institute of International Trade (GRIIT). GRIIT is a think-tank/consulting firm focused on providing research to do the following: 1) help businesses compete in the international market and 2) guide U.S. trade policy. Dr. Jackson collaborates with federal, state, and local government agencies to offer training in international market research for small businesses. Additionally, she works with universities to provide customized market research for local businesses and connect these businesses with partnering firms and resources in overseas markets. She is the author of It’s Not Just the Economy, Stupid! Trade Competitiveness in the 21s t Century . In addition to running her own firm, Dr. Jackson teaches courses in the areas of international trade and corporate global strategy at UCLA Extension and California State University, San Bernardino.

The areas covered include: Developing a focused competitive export plan; identifying the companies from the Philippines that export the top products to the United States; knowing the key U.S. buyers of specific products from the Philippines; and understanding the benefits and risks of a possible future U.S.-Philippines trade agreement.

How the SBA export loan program can enhance companies to gain access to short term or long term loan to finance their exporting businesses by Pellson Lau

Pellson Lau is currently an SBA (Small Business Administration) regional manager, export solutions group, Office Of International Trade. He has held numerous high ranking positions for banks such as EastWest Bank, Pacific Alliance Bank, United Commercial Bank and Premier Business Bank. His experiences is highly focused on Credit & Underwriting various business loan products. He attended the University of Southern California-Marshall School of Business.

Securing your transactions in the global village—our world by Eddy Sumar

Eddy A. Sumar, MBA, CCE, CICE, and CEW, is the Founder of ER$ Consulting Services in Rancho Cucamonga, California; he is an International Trade Financing Consultant; a Consultant for the Center for International Trade Development (CITD); a member of the Guidepoint Global Advisors, and an Associate of Quote 2 Cash (Q2C). Mr. Sumar has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration (B.B.A.) from Bethlehem University, Bethlehem, West Bank where he enjoyed a Fulbright scholarship and graduated as Valedictorian. He also obtained his MBA with distinction from Leicester University, Leicester, UK. Mr. Sumar has 30+ years of experience in the credit and collection field. As International Trade Financing Manager with Rain Bird International, Inc., Mr. Sumar championed the exploration and institution of worldwide trade financing programs and ran the international trade financing efforts in the Americas and the Asia Pacific Regions.

He is the recipient of the CMA 2006 Credit Executive of the Year Award, the CCR Credit Excellence Awards 2011 in International Credit Management, and CMA Instructor of the Year Award 2012.

The areas covered include: The pattern and framework for success in international trade; the tools used; the role of compliance & due diligence; the payment pyramid; the key resources that; and much more.

Effectively branding & packaging your products by Olivia Enriquez and Joel Enriquez

Olivia and Joel Enriquez are the principals for Luna Design International, who specialize in package design and brand identity, print and digital design. Their extensive experiences are in building and growing brands using the package design media, working and partnering with notable Consumer Packaged Goods companies and progressive startups.

They have over 25 years spanning work for companies based in 22 countries, multiple design awards, and stellar accounts. Olivia, together, with husband Joel formed Luna Design, first in the Philippines, to grow it to become one of the pioneer agencies to focus its efforts on the rapidly growing export manufacturing sectors.

Through effective design stewardship, 11 companies were able to achieve prestigious Golden Shell Award status, for companies who achieve $10 Million in export sales. Notable among their projects were the design of the National Museum Exhibition Graphics, the Benigno Aquino Museum, the Centennial Andres Bonifacio Exhibition and many international exhibitions in Frankfurt, Dubai, and Manila, the Ayala Malls’ Brandbook and the North Park Total Branding Campaign. Now, based in Las Vegas, their designs occupy the retail shelves of Whole Foods, Target, Sam’s Club, Seafood City, and online, through Amazon sellers and other online specialty stores. Needless to say, they can definitely help Philippine manufacturers expand their market in the United States.

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