San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria unveils new strategic plan

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Mayor Todd Gloria released on Wednesday, Jan. 26 his administration’s updated strategic plan which outlines the changes he hopes to see in the lives of individuals, families, organizations and communities in San Diego.

This Strategic Plan is a part of Gloria’s continuing efforts to transform San Diego and improve quality of life for all San Diegans. The plan and the interactive dashboard for the City of San Diego are designed to track metrics related to these expected outcomes. It is also intended to grow and evolve over time and will help the city create opportunity in every neighborhood and offer excellent service for every San Diegan.

“What makes this plan unique is a focus on people and progress,” Mayor Todd Gloria said. “The new plan will empower and support our City employees to make San Diego better every day and will help all San Diegans track our priorities and measure our progress.”

This action-oriented plan outlines the specific outcomes and related strategies on which city leaders and employees will work collaboratively to deliver what the community needs.

As part of Mayor Gloria’s commitment to transparency, an online dashboard has been created to keep San Diegans updated on different areas of progress over time.

Residents will now be able to track street repair, sidewalk maintenance and safety trends based on collisions of various types. They can track police and fire response times and view amenities in each neighborhood.

Priority actions include supporting the regional economy, improving infrastructure and implementing homelessness solutions. This includes ways to optimize street repairs and maintenance to ensure all San Diegans can get around safely and effectively.

The updated plan also identifies strategies to help San Diegans find affordable housing and ensure unsheltered residents are quickly placed in stable housing options. In addition, the plan outlines steps to reduce populations experiencing homelessness through enhanced prevention programs and more permanent housing options.

Ensuring equitable access to libraries, parks, digital resources and public-safety services is another focus of the Strategic Plan, with Mayor Gloria making a concerted effort to bring better amenities and services to historically underserved areas.

Prioritizing climate equity is also a major element of the plan, with a target of reaching zero net emissions by 2035 and expanding San Diego’s green infrastructure.

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