New technology to improve emergency evacuations countywide

Jeff Toney (on podium), Director of the County of San Diego Emergency Services, talks about new technology integrated into the county’s alert system which will help streamline the evacuation process during emergencies throughout the region.
Photo screengrabbed from YouTube video

A NEW technology launched on Wednesday, May 29 that will help streamline the evacuation process during emergencies throughout the region.

Evacuation zones powered by Genasys EVAC technology will help emergency managers and dispatchers send out more precise location-based alerts during an emergency evacuation.

The zones were developed by a coalition of local emergency managers, law enforcement and fire officials, and other safety experts. The team used geo boundaries, like lakes, freeways, mountains and neighborhoods, to create more logical and precise mapping zones.

The updated mapping will provide more specific evacuation areas, which will limit unnecessary evacuations. This will also support more efficient repopulations to get people back into their homes sooner.

Genasys EVAC will be integrated into and the SD Emergency app. Residents who are already registered do not need to resubscribe or download anything new to get emergency alerts.

Agencies throughout San Diego County will utilize this technology as part of regional efforts to continue to innovate and capitalize on best practices to keep residents safe and informed during emergencies.

With peak fire conditions ahead, regional fire and safety officials gathered on Wednesday to promote the Genasys EVAC launch and urge residents to stay safe and prepared.

Make sure you are registered for emergency alerts through and the SD Emergency app. You’ll get information about evacuations, road closures, emergency shelters and more.

In addition to registering for alerts, it is also important to take precautions for increased fire conditions. To learn some tips to reduce the fire risk for your property, visit

(Sir Milo Loftin/County of San Diego Communications Office)


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