City of San Diego to step up sidewalk vending ordinance enforcement

SDPD has begun citing violaters of the city’s Sidewalk Vending Ordinance.
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Effort aimed at reducing illegal vending activities in busy Gaslamp Quarter

SAN DIEGO – Following weeks of outreach to sidewalk vendors, the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) began citing violators of the City of San Diego’s Sidewalk Vending Ordinance in the Gaslamp Quarter starting Friday, December 2.

The Sidewalk Vending Ordinance, which was passed by the City Council in May, permits roaming and stationary sidewalk vendor entrepreneurs to use the public right of way or public property for sidewalk vending, while regulating how, when and where permitted sidewalk vendors conduct business in San Diego. However, the ordinance specifically bans sidewalk vending in the Gaslamp Quarter and other specified areas, which has spurred the stepped-up enforcement.

For several weeks the City of San Diego, through its Code Enforcement teams and SDPD, has worked to educate sidewalk vendors operating illegally in the Gaslamp Quarter about the law. The city recently installed over 400 signs in the area, warning about illegal sidewalk vending. This focused enforcement also follows recent violent incidents involving illegally operating sidewalk vendors in the Gaslamp.

On Friday, officers from SDPD’s Central Division started contacting vendors operating illegally in the area and citing them for violations. Those found in violation face potential fines ranging from $200 up to $1,000. Violators can also be subject to impoundment of carts, equipment and goods.

City Park Rangers are responsible for sidewalk vending enforcement at beaches and parks in San Diego. To review the ordinance and learn more about the application process for vendors, visit

(City of San Diego Release)

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