NaFFAA LV hosts Sinulog 2023 celebration 

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Palm Mortuary and Ed Balecha, together with NaFFAA and Filipino Community joined the wonderful celebration of the Sinulog Festival.

“I am amazed with our community. How quickly we can come together as a community of one, together in prayer and keep a Filipino tradition alive even if we are far far away from the Philippines to which some of us call home. Many of us here one way or another has a connection with the Santo Nino. I know I do, growing up, my mother would have her prayer group come to our house all the time so that they could pray to the Santo Nino. And they were great memories growing up. Now here we are in this beautiful garden that Palm Mortuary has created specifically for our Filipino community, dedicated to the Santo Nino, capturing our hearts and some their childhood memories. I think that is wonderful,” Balecha said.

“I have actually experienced the actual Sinulog in Cebu.  I traveled to Cebu with PBSN, the Philippine Bisayan Society of Nevada with a tour group. Hosted by Marian Pearson. The Juranis were there also.  What an amazing experience that was. I don’t want to give too much info until Jean Celemin tells us about it’s history,” he added. “So hopefully today will make you feel a little bit closer to home. Let us cherish our time together here today as we honor the Santo Nino.”

One of NaFFAA founders Gloria Caoile and NaFFAA State President Jacque deJoya led the gathering as masters of ceremony. The event featured a history lesson by Jean Celemin, Founder of Philippines Bisayan Society of NV (PBSN) and a performance by the Filipiniana Dance Co. of Las Vegas.

Father Frank Yncierto presided the mass. The first reading was led by Nadia Jurani, NaFFAA’s Board of Trustee, and NaFFAA DMR Vice President Minda Banaria gathered the assembly for the second reading.

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