From ‘America’s Got Talent Stage’ to global media spotlight: 7-year-old Zoe Erianna Cui’s musical journey

Zoe singing while playing the piano

At just seven years old, Zoe Erianna Cui is taking the world by storm with her extraordinary musical talents. From playing the piano to singing and producing her own music, Zoe’s performances have captivated audiences far and wide. Showcasing her ability to sing in Tagalog, Zoe’s rise to fame began with simple online videos shared for amusement.

In a recent conversation on “Ano Na Bev,” Zoe and her father, Eric, shared their journey. Eric recounted the unexpected turn of events that catapulted Zoe into the spotlight.

“When we started this last year, we were just putting up videos for fun,” Eric explained. “We didn’t know that America’s Got Talent (AGT) would reach out, and suddenly she would be all over the media, with celebrities contacting her from everywhere.”

Zoe’s popular videos have amassed a significant following on social media, presenting new challenges for her working parents. Eric highlighted the difficulties they face with managing her growing fame and the numerous contracts being offered.

Zoe with her dad

“I think one of the hardest things is dealing with her increasing notoriety,” Eric said. “All the contracts being thrown at her, like management and advertising deals. Just the AGT contract alone is 80 pages. Another challenge is managing our time because we still have to survive.”

Among the celebrities impressed by young Zoe are Alicia Keys and Beyoncé, who have expressed their admiration for her talent.

When asked about the most memorable part of her musical journey so far, Zoe shared her favorite moments.

“I like being on AGT, participating in Winterfest, and when Beyoncé gave me flowers, a card, and a teddy bear,” Zoe said with a smile. “I also love that Alicia Keys commented on my videos and posted me twice on her page.”

Despite her busy schedule, Zoe continues to enjoy the activities of childhood while producing over 30 original copyrighted pieces of music. Her global fanbase on social media keeps growing, inspired by her talent and dedication.

“God gave everyone a talent,” Zoe said during the interview. “He gave talents for building, cooking, writing—whatever it is, you have to practice it. You have to work hard on your gift and don’t give up. Don’t try to find other gifts that He didn’t give you.”

As Zoe’s journey continues, her story serves as a reminder of the importance of nurturing and practicing one’s talents. (Bev Llorente/ABS-CBN News)

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