Resolutions 101: Goals for the New Year

“Then we look ahead to the coming year — full of hope, and yes, goals and resolutions that we intend to achieve. It doesn’t matter if there were one or two (or more) that were on the list before, “Try and try until you succeed” will always be the motto.

AS we come to the end of 2019, we mindfully look back and quickly retrace the things we could have done differently.  These are not regrets, but more of possibilities (and maybe opportunities) that might have helped us grow, or made our lives a little better.

Then we look ahead to the coming year — full of hope, and yes, goals and resolutions that we intend to achieve.  It doesn’t matter if there were one or two (or more) that were on the list before, “Try and try until you succeed” will always be the motto.

Lose weight. Eat healthier.  Be nicer. Work towards a better career.  The list is long, but as the months go on, the journey to achieving goals is longer.  Having a resolution is exciting, but keeping it is not that easy.  A lot of people are not ready to make a serious commitment in order to succeed.  Yes, there is hope, but no strategy and as they say, hope is not a plan.

Asian Journal asked a number of people what their New Year resolutions are and how they intend to achieve them:

(L-R) Adrian Daganan is a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona and has become a vibrant figure in the LA foodie community through his foodie Instagram account @eatwithadrian. | Dr. Bernadette Escalona Cooper, a professional artist and Chairman of a non-profit, wants to promote inclusiveness in the community through the arts to minimize cultural isolation. | Anna Allado, a caregiver from San Francisco, aims to live life with less fear and more gratitude.

Adrian Danganan. 26. Nursing student and food blogger. Covina, CA.

Aside from the usual “be healthier” and “be more organized,” I really want to not commit to things I cannot do — short term and long term — in 2020. Not being able to fulfill promises has proven problematic the last few years, and the start of a new decade seems as good a time as any to really work on this.

I plan on saying “no” more often and making less excuses.

Dr. Bernadette Escalona-Cooper, 66.  Professional artist and Chairman of State-registered art organization, Sunnyvale, CA

Promote inclusiveness, encourage community

engagement and open innovation through the arts in order to minimize, if not eradicate, cultural isolation.

I intend to achieve these goals through creative collaborations.  It is when we work together in a joint intellectual and creative effort that we strengthen the importance of every culture in the community. 

Showing the fusion of ideas from different cultures in art exhibitions becomes a relevant and powerful statement that creates discussions about lessons learned from different experiences and culture.  People then will understand the existence of different cultures, recognize and respect “ways of being” and dispel negative and personal biases and cultural isolation.

Anna Allado, 43. Caregiver, San Francisco, CA

To appreciate life more.  I’ve had three good friends and a really nice cousin who passed away in 2019 (including four pets).  Life can be taken away unexpectedly.  Live life with less fear and more faith and gratitude.

Also, complete an online computer course I bought on sale for $12.  I need the right discipline and commitment because this is like learning a new language.  I’ve already set up my study area and browsed the course outline.  Hope to finish it in less than six months.

(L-R) New York City real estate broker Edwin Josue wants to live live to the fullest by keeping healthy. | New York City lawyer Louise Bejer’s resolutions include to love a little deeper. | Aira Mae Guerrero, a young entrepreneur aims to building a stronger relationship with her clients.

Edwin Josue.  Real estate broker, New York City

If you ask me here are some — still save money for retirement. Do the 10,000 steps to remain healthy, exercise more and healthy food/living. Live life to the fullest and spend more time with family and friends.

I plan to achieve those through daily meditation and mindfulness, which I’ve been practicing over 30 years, positive attitude makes you young and free!

10,000 steps daily is a wish and good for me being a real estate broker as I walk and show apartments in the city. A real estate broker is always on the move.

Louise Bejer, 38.  Lawyer, New York City

New Year’s resolutions: to love a little deeper, to live a little freer, and to laugh a little harder.

And I plan to do that by (1) focusing on the person I’m with and not be too fearful of rejection, and to be more expressive both in words and touch of my feelings; (2) not care too much about what people will think or say; and, (3) focusing on the moment.

Aira Mae Guerrero, 23. Content specialist, Pasay City, Philippines

My goal for 2020 is to become a full-time entrepreneur. It’s scary, but I’m preparing myself in terms of building and making my team stronger, taking care of my relationship with my clients, and managing my time.

(L-R) John Christopher Amodo wants to take on more risks to find what he really passionate about. | Elaine Dela Cruz from Makati City, Philippines, wants to save more and invest in a new business this 2020.

John Christopher Amodo, 23. Senior content specialist, Antipolo, Philippines

My goal for 2020 is to take on more risks and gather experience from different fields I am passionate about that I feel would be essential in the next 10 years.

In order to achieve these goals, I will review my meticulous records of my journeys and weigh which discipline works and which doesn’t; what drives me to my full potential and what doesn’t. They say dreams don’t work unless you do, but I will aim to better differentiate working smart from working hard, so as to pave way for the career growth that I am looking for.

Elaine Dela Cruz, 23.  Marketing officer, Makati City, Philippines

For 2020, I want to save more and invest. As much as possible I will avoid unnecessary expenses and focus more on investing for the business that I want to open. 2020 will all be about growth and a start to secure my future.

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