IF they say that there are no permanent friends in showbusiness, then it is also true that there are no permanent enemies either.  This is true for sexy star Katrina Halili, who has finally settled her rift with beauty guru Vicki Belo and her boyfriend, Hayden Kho.

The three have had a rollercoaster ride for the past eight years, after the sexy star became romantically involved with Hayden.  Katrina, being one of the endorsers of the Belo Medical Group, was also embroiled in huge controversy when sex videos of her and Hayden started circulating in 2009.

The sex video scandal was the talk of the town, especially when Katrina appeared in the Senate and Hayden was stripped off his medical license.

Years after, Katrina became involved with R&B singer Kris Lawrence and although they’ve separated, she is very much happy with taking care of their daughter.

Going back to the reconciliation, Dr. Belo admitted that it wasn’t easy for her to forgive Katrina.  However, last April 30, the beauty guru posted on her Instagram account a photo of her with Hayden, Katrina and talent manager Lolit Solis.

The caption said, “This picture was taken 10 days ago.  I always believe in forgiving but I have to admit that it’s not easy.  But, if God can forgive us for all our sins who are we not to do the same.  Being bitter and unforgiving enslaves you and not the other person.  To God be all the glory.”

It was Lolit who paved the way for Katrina, Hayden and Dr. Belo to meet, and according to The Philippine Star’s entertainment columnist Ricky Lo, the three met at a very private restaurant in Quezon City.

During the meeting, Katrina asked Dr. Belo to forgive her, while the latter explained why she was extremely hurt about what happened.    According to the beauty guru, among all her clients, she considered Katrina as the one closes to her, and sees her as a daughter.

Hayden was able to talk to Katrina, and was finally able to ask for her forgiveness.

Katrina is now happy that the whole issue is over.

Para sa akin, basta masaya na po ako na okay na lahat, nagkausap na kami and ayos na,” she said in an interview with PEP.ph.

May peace of mind na kami and, in the future, kung sakaling magkita kami somewhere, hindi na ako mailing kasi naayos na naming lahat.

We’re happy that Katrina, Dr. Belo and Hayden are finally moving on.  As per whether the sexy star will be an endorser of Belo Medical Group again, Katrina said that at the moment another clinic has been sponsoring her.

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