Ways to make Valentine’s Day special even when you’re apart

For most couples, it’s easier to think about Valentine’s Day when you and your significant other are at close proximity compared to those who are far apart. While couples who get to celebrate this special day with their loved ones are luckier, the distance could be just a test to see how far your love for each other can go. And no day can prove this test than on a Valentine’s Day, alongside birthdays and anniversaries. For this issue, the Asian Journal rounded up ways you and your sweetheart can make Valentine’s Day special even when you are apart.

Do not forget the “I love you” call

In this digital age, calling him/ her to say “I love you” is the most basic thing to do. After greeting him/her a Happy Valentine’s Day, say your “I love you” in a more loving tone than you normally do. Afterwards, you can initiate a conversation reminiscing your sweet moments together or what would you do next time you see each other.

Send him or her something handmade

A gift doesn’t need to be expensive to be good. A heartfelt letter or a photo album, or any gift that you’ve made yourself shows you put time and thought into your gift and will serve as a reminder of how much you care even when you’re not around.

Record and share a video

Take a video of yourself or have someone take your video and be creative with what you want say. You can talk your heart out enumerating the things you miss about him/ her, recite a poem you made yourself, dedicate a song or two, or do a silly dance number.

Watch a romantic movie at the same time

Since you are unable to go for a movie date physically together, you can opt to watch a romantic movie on the same day and try to watch it around the same time, even though you are in different locations. This will somehow give the both of you  a feeling of being connected. You can discuss your comments on the movie later over a phone call, through e-mail, or chat messaging.

Mail him/her a package of their favorite things.

Think of the favorite things your significant other and put them in a fancy handmade packaging. Put a short label outside describing the gift. For example, you can write “something that can brighten up your smile” for a lipstick or “something as sweet as you are” for a chocolate.

Send gift certificates/concert tickets

Sure you love your significant other the way they are, but how about giving them gift certificate to a hair stylist, massage therapist, or spa? This will make them feel more beautiful and confident inside and out. Is your sweetheart’s favorite band playing to his/her town or somewhere nearby? Then buy him/her a ticket!

Spend Valentine’s Day celebration on another day

Feb. 14. is not the only day that you can celebrate Valentine’s Day.  If you’ll see each other the next month or so, you can surprise him/her with a question, “Would you be my Valentine date today?” If he/she affirms, which is more likely so, then do the things that you should have done together on that special day.

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