Sharing the love for music

for  two Filipinos – Koh and Franz, music is life; and they’ve found a brilliant way of sharing the passion for music through a bamboo. Yes, bamboo – grown and crafted by skilled Cebuano artisans.
While taking a time off from their job, New York-based architect Franz Ignacio and Japanese-Filipino archaeologist Koh Onozawa were introduced by their Cebuana mothers who are long time friends. Both fell in love with Cebu’s beauty and decided to stay permanently. One day while in the beautiful mountains of Cebu, they were trying to find new ways on how to make a living when Koh’s girlfriend placed her phone in a cup and played some music which amplified the sounds. Right then and there was the concept of Loudbasstard.
Franz (who’s family is into bamboo furniture manufacturing) and Koh both belong to families with background in architecture and design and wanted to create a design that would also serve as a “home furnishing.” At the same time, Koh aimed at incorporating social empowerment.
Why bamboo? Through a series of research, the Cebuano-based entrepreneurs discovered that wood is the best sound conductor. They aimed at keeping the product plain and simple – by using a resource that is abundant in the Philippines; however they needed experts on how to design the product. Handcrafted bamboos with organic threads of rattan are grown, dyed, packaged in Sitio Cantiplan, Cebu City by locals whose traditional techniques and skills in cutting and shaping the bamboo have been passed by their forefathers. For that reason, creating the all-natural, electricity-free alternative sound amplifier has provided local communities a tradition and a source of income. Loudbasstard merges technology, industrial design and sustainability and through it, the creators aim to give back through their love for music.
The natural sound amplifier has a sustainable and stylish way of sharing music. Simply slip the phone or any other device (with built-in speakers) into the slot on top – that’s the way to use Loudbasstard. It also serves as a dock when charging the phone.
It was said that the first batch of products were sold in Canada back in October of 2012 where they received a high demand of bulk orders afterwards. At present, the Cebuano-designed, eco-friendly amplifiers are much loved and are making waves across the globe.
Through the company’s partnership with Sistemang Pilipino Incorporated – a non-profit organization dedicated to providing world-class music education for Filipino children and youth with special focus on those form the under-served communities, Koh and Franz continue to uphold its goal in transforming lives and preserving culture through music and natural resources.
Though the name may seem a bit out of the ordinary, incorporating another ‘s’ to it just gave the name an edge, making it music oriented. And just like music, Loudbasstard is something you just can’t get out of your head.


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