New year, new you

Forget the resolutions list; instead, set intentions, commit, embrace the fullness of life and continue to grow into the person you want to be. Make 2014 brighter and better and welcome the New Year with a new outlook in life.
Try something new. You have been meaning to learn Chinese. How exciting would it be to bake cookies and share it to the family? You’d love to ride the waves. You want to experience the thrill of cliff diving. It goes on and on. Life is a learning process – a cycle which never ends. Each waking day is an opportunity to improve ourselves and explore the world. So, at the start of the New Year, take time to list the things you are interested in learning – cooking, learning a new language, and dancing or perhaps training a dog. Acquiring a new skill and trying new things are both pretty exciting and rewarding indeed. It takes commitment and discipline to learn new things; however, when trying something new, it requires courage. Now could actually be the time to face your fears too! Scared of heights? Face it one step at a time. For starters, perhaps consider wall climbing then take the next level and ride a zip line. The world we are living in are filled with surprises and fascinating things, so go ahead and get a full experience of what it has to offer.
Go to places you have never been before. Though you have seen places in pictures or interesting activities through videos, nothing beats the feeling of actually experiencing the beauty and thrill first-hand. Choose a destination and see it! The mainstream can be quite boring at times, why not go off the beaten path? Explore hidden and less-traveled destinations and experience cultural exchanges with locals. See the world through your own path. Learn about the place through your travels and less from what you read in the internet or hear from friends, discover the wonders by yourself and make your own story.
Learn to Say No. While you continue to grab opportunities, you may end up losing the focus on your desired goal. There will always be chances, prospects and surprises, and once in a while you tend to get overwhelmed by. When an opportunity arises, consider your thoughts first and ask yourself, “Will this be an advantage toward my desired goal?” It is important to consider that the time and efforts you invest in things should always push you to your goal. It takes courage and discipline to say no to things that won’t possibly cultivate your skills nor cater to your needs.
Appreciate the little things. The most beautiful and rewarding feeling is seeing, feeling, learning and experiencing the entirety of a thing or an event. The big things in life are always made of the little and simple ones which at times you overlook. On a very busy day, you can be overwhelmed by the stress and all the things that contribute to it. However, despite this, you should recognize the little good things that was also a part of your day. Coming to work earlier than your usual time, a stranger who flashes a smile while crossing the street, or the security guard who greets you “good morning” with such enthusiasm, these are among the simple pleasures in life that you should be grateful for. Most of all, appreciate the things you do – acknowledge your efforts and your little achievements.
Give back. Start the year right by finding new opportunities to give back. Put balance in your life. Consider spending more time with family and friends than at work. Learn to put limit on things so you don’t eat up time and energy only on one thing. Meet up with old friends, and strengthen your family and community. Visit children’s homes and home for the aged; and offer guidance and inspire people through your experiences. Volunteer and doing something you enjoy like distributing goods or be a part of fund-raising programs. Support a charity, rescue or adopt a pet, promote environment-friendly products or influence people to go green by practicing simple energy-saving strategies at home and at work.


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