5 reasons to visit the Salcedo Community Market

The city of Makati is believed to be the busiest place in Metro Manila. However on weekends, the busy vibe of this city transforms into a peaceful and laid-back atmosphere. And when in Makati, there are always new things to try. So here’s one!
Every Saturday morning, everyone looks forward to one of the city’s biggest weekend community markets – the Salcedo Community Market. And since its beginning in 2004, the market has become a haven for foodies and market shoppers from different places across the metro.
Here are 5 reasons to visit this place:
Honey products
Imagine your favorite, sweet lollipop, except it’s made from real honey! Milea Bee Farm’s honey pops are quite a favorite and why wouldn’t it be? It’s definitely a healthy choice to satisfy a sweet tooth. Apart from the honey pop, other bee products such as natural sodas made from fresh fruits fermented in honey with Kefir water; coco honey vinegar, propolis balm and more.
Fresh finds
Looking for fresh arugula or strawberries? Drop by the Saturday market after an early morning walk where one will find stalls selling an impressive array of fresh produce. Health buffs or health conscious shoppers can even enjoy a variety of organic fruits, and vegetables like baby beets, cherry tomatoes, chards and more. Fresh herbs such as purple basil, mint and oregano are sold in stalls, as well as several kinds of spices.
Home utensils
Fancy a set of new kitchen utensils with a creative twist? The unique designs of Patika Bead and Wireworks’ spoons, forks and cake slicers are adorned with semi-precious stones. All kitchen utensils are designed and created by hand, giving it a more personal touch. While these are perfect for displays, the utensils are guaranteed fully functional as the beads and wires are carefully coiled and wrapped around the item. Quite nice for a present, right?
Homemade ice cream
Who’s craving for a deliciously-flavored ice cream on a summer’s day? Go for a scoop of Merry Moo Ice Cream while strolling around the market. The premium ice creams’ fresh, non-Ultra Heat Treated (UHT) dairy are sourced from local dairy farms. That being said, the cream and milk preserve its rich flavor and nutritional content.
Specialty foods
How do you enjoy a warm, sliced baguette? Get the right dip (or spread)! Pinoy Orduvrz is a growing business which produces specialty bottled foods. Among the favorite creations is the Bangus Pasta Sauce. This tomato-based pasta sauce mixed with bits of Bangus (milkfish) is best served with toasted bread or mixed with pasta. Hosting Sunday’s lunch with friends? Perhaps one of the original recipes, the Malunggay Pesto – traditional pesto ingredients (non-dairy) with a twist of fresh malunggay leaves, will have them asking for more.
Apart from foods, a variety of plants and native products are also sold at the market. With homemade pastries, local delicacies, international dishes, prepared meals, fresh sea foods, organic produce sold at every stall, this market is indeed a feast for the eyes and the belly. Whether it’s for a hearty breakfast with the family or shopping for fresh goods, a visit to Makati’s Salcedo Community Market is certainly a great way of spending a fun and relaxed Saturday morning in the city.


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