How to defend yourself from COVID-19 (Part 1 of 2 installments)

“… Oh, to go back to the comforts of the past, pre- pandemic, To breathe freely, sans the mask… Back to the touchy feely hum of life Never again will I take it for granted …” —MAM

OH 2020!!! I wish I saw you coming.

But could we have taken evasive action? Could we have bombed that Wuhan lab to smithereens if we had the intel? Okay, just kidding on the bombing… That’s my roadrunner and the wily coyote cartoon animation brain imagery where no one dies in the altercations, just the coyote getting foiled all the time.

But kidding aside, we know a lot more about the coronavirus now, 6 months later than its onset in early 2020. This election year heavily tainted by the dire effects of this blasted virus is definitely shaping up to be a consequential year, not only for America but for the whole world.

They say,“When America sneezes, the world catches a cold.” Now this could very well read, “When China messes up big time, the world catches a virus.”

We now know that Covid19 is more than likely a lab-created bat virus from Wuhan, China tweaked to make it highly contagious. As to whether it was a deliberate or accidental release by China is still unclear. Experts believe it is likely to mutate like most other corona viruses, either weaker or stronger. No one knows for certain.

Hammer, meet Nail. If all you have is a hammer, you are likely to think that all problems are like nails that need to be pounded. And so it is with this virus. Big pharmaceutical firms seeing the situation as a juicy opportunity for their bottom lines are in a mad rush jockeying for position to create vaccines against the virus.

Why vaccines you ask? There is big money to be made in vaccines. There is a law in place that where vaccines are concerned, the liability for big pharmaceutical firms is limited, minuscule, probably even non-existent.

There is a growing body of thought that this law needs to be revisited and struck down mightily. Pharmaceutical firms and other foundations, like the Gates Foundation, which purports to address global health problems and seems hell bent on depopulating the world should get no dispensation and be held to account at all times if and when they foul up whole populations. There should be a big commensurate comeuppance and not only financially.

How about laser-focusing instead on boosting the immune system of individuals and whole societies? How about developing natural herd immunity etched into our DNA over time through the generations that no virus in the future, natural or man-made, can ever again gain traction, cause widespread contagion and place the world on lockdown (more like a chokehold in the hands of power crazed so-called leaders, experts and bureaucrats) and create the current crisis that is imposed on over 188 countries?

How about an emphasis on building internal, layer-by-layer biodefense? The amazing human body is God’s crowning glory of creation. Man is created in God’s image and likeness. There exists, at this time, a vast amount of verifiable science to figure out a way.

But first, a disclaimer is in order. I am not a doctor or an expert so any information in this article must be discussed with your physician. If you are not comfortable with your doctor, then get a second opinion from another medical expert. Every person’s physical health condition is different from the other. But as thinking human beings, we can do our own observation and research and consult with a capable, trusted medical expert before beginning any health regimen.

Here is a rough aggregate of what is known about fighting off and winning your personal do or die battle with this virus. Aside from assiduously applying the general knowledge about getting enough sleep, drinking adequate water, exercising, avoiding stress and abiding by the standards of good, healthy nutrition on a daily basis, there are certain available vitamins and minerals that can work well and equip the body with defensive ammunition to fight off this virus.

Since the Covid-19 virus thrives at the onset of the cold and flu season during fall and winter, it would help greatly to boost your immune system by taking Vitamin C, Echinacea, elderberry and zinc. Zinc, in particular, is a mineral known to stop the replication of Covid19 in the lungs.

A caveat is in order about taking supplements. Too much of a good thing can be toxic so read and understand the fine print and follow recommended dosages. There are no silver bullets. Observe your body’s reaction and tell your doctor.

Isolate yourself. Cut off close human contact, for the time being, when you sense its onset. Wear a mask but guard against hypoxia and shortness of breath. You cannot be without oxygen and inhaling your own carbon dioxide for long stretches of time. You are not a plant–based specie and cannot do photosynthesis. Breathe deeply. Wash hands with soap and water often. By now, we all know the drill. This virus has been tweaked to be highly contagious.

At the early onset of the Covid-19 within the first 2 or 3 days when such symptoms as fever, the loss of the senses of taste and smell and bodily pain become apparent, 51 studies around the world have shown that Plaquenil, the common name for hydroxychloroquine, in combination with zinc and zythromax, an antibiotic to arrest opportunistic infections when taken within 5 days of early onset, can give the afflicted the advantage to fight off the virus and WIN BIG. Many doctors, at the risk of losing their professional licenses because of irrational, politically motivated decision-making by bureaucrats, are coming out in the open to support this.

Zinc needs an ionophore. It is a substance able to transport the zinc ions through the lipid or fat membrane in the cell so that the zinc can do its job of stopping the virus from stealing the resources present in the lungs and replicating itself to critical mass and creating a cytokine storm. That is the tipping point. You don’t want to get there. This is when all hell breaks loose.

(To be continued next week …)

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