How to defend yourself from COVID-19 (Conclusion of 2 parts)

“… Oh, to go back to the comforts of the past — pre-pandemic, To breathe freely, sans the mask… Back to the touchy feely hum of life
Never again will I take it for granted …” —MAM

(CONTINUED from the previous article…)

Zinc needs an ionophore. It is a substance able to transport the zinc ions through the lipid or fat membrane in the cell so that the zinc can do its job of stopping the virus from stealing the resources present in the lungs and replicating itself to critical mass and creating a cytokine storm. That is the tipping point. You don’t want to get there. This is when all hell breaks loose.

Think of an ionophore as an ice cutter boat chugging along cutting through sheets of ice, in this case, the cell membrane, to bring in the zinc cavalry and stop the offending virus from replicating itself and eventually killing you. Okay, that’s mixed imagery. But you get the point.

The most well known, ionophore is Plaquenil aka hydroxychloroquine that is commonly used to treat malaria and rheumatoid arthritis for the last 60 to 70 years around the world. It is commonly used in Africa and in other nations with swampy areas where mosquitoes thrive.

But trust the media to do a lying spin on the medicine to drive a sinister agenda.

Hydroxychloroquine’s use has been highly politicized by the mainstream media claiming that the medicine is ineffective especially after President Trump touted its efficacy back in April.

But truth, like sunlight, is the best antiseptic. The medical community’s pushback against the agenda-driven narrative has been extremely strong and gaining ground daily as more and more doctors worldwide are testifying to its effectiveness particularly during early onset.

There’s a reason why big pharma and the media might be behind the trashing of hydroxychloroquine. And if you think it is about the money, you hit the bullseye. Always follow the money to find your answer. No one owns the patent on hydroxychloroquine, so no one stands to make big money off of it.

Sometimes you just have to chuckle and see God’s goodness and sense of humor in all this. Isn’t GOD just wonderful in all His designs and blessings? In classic literature, there is the concept of Deus ex Machina or what men who trust in God’s mercy and love, call divine intervention. God has a direct hand on how this story is unfolding.

The presence and use of affordable, effective hydroxychloroquine is one such act of God’s intervention in this sordid human event called the Covid19 pandemic. Petty bureaucrats who manipulate and withhold its availability and usage for political reasons should bear the cosmic consequences of karmic retribution now and forever for the tens of thousands of deaths that could have been prevented had they done what is right.

Curious and want to learn more about this controversy? Do a search of the practicing physician, Dr. Zelenko, a Hasidic Jew of New York who has helped heal hundreds of afflicted people, probably thousands by now, using this simple, low-cost regimen. Dr. Zelenko first drew attention to hydroxychloroquine early during the pandemic.

The whole regimen done at home costs about $20.00 give or take. Contrast that with the other newfangled medicine being touted by those with ulterior motives costing thousands of dollars. The current payment structure for those hospitalized because of the virus incentivizes hospitals to get as many cases as possible. This is definitely not a good thing and should be rectified.

If you are wondering if this is no longer about public health but really all about profit and more importantly, the power to skew the results of the national election, you are right on the money. Keep on praying to God for mercy and His direct hand on all things.

There is a push to make hydroxychloroquine, a tried and tested medicine a readily available OTC. Though readily available in other countries, it seems that in some states, local government has overstepped its boundaries as usual and are only making it available in hospitals. By then, it may be too late. The FDA and the DHS should be taken to task because of their piss poor handling of hydroxychloroquine availability and use.

The use of this ionophore should be between the doctor and his or her patient. And if you have no known co-morbidities and are convinced of the efficacy of this medicine in getting a winning advantage over this virus, stand your ground and invoke your ‘RIGHT TO TRY.”

Be aware though that there are cases where co-morbidities exist particularly for people who live in nursing homes and for people 65 years old and older, who have diabetes, heart condition or any other condition that poses risks and complications. Talk to your doctor but do your own research so you can decide on a wise course of action.

And then there is Quercetin. Although unconfirmed as to its efficacy, there is anecdotal evidence that Quercetin, available over the counter (OTC), has some qualities of an ionophore. This is one way of getting around the obstacle of being hospitalized first before you can gain access to hydroxychloroquine, if you suspect the virus has penetrated your defenses.

Quercetin is a substance from concentrated apple, blueberry and other fruit peels. Known only to those who do deep-dive research, it is getting traction among an increasing number of people because of its ability to facilitate zinc ions through the cell membrane.

Take them according to instructions.

GOOD LUCK though on finding it in store or online. People are snapping these off the shelves, just like that very odd toilet paper mania that swept the country.

I have taken to drinking tonic water which contains quinine. Schweppes is one brand but anyone can take Walmart’s generic Great Value brand as well. Do your research on why taking tonic water is beneficial during this pandemic. Quinine is the key.

Also, do yourself a favor and tune out television and 95% of mainstream media. Do it for your mental well-being. All you hear is Covidcovidcovid ad infinitum scare propaganda and quite possibly fudged, massaged numbers, according to a concerted script using the same verbiage. Modern liestream media puts Goebbels to shame. We cut cable years ago, saved money and have relative peace of mind seeking reliable information from credible sources who have no skin in the game and wholesome entertainment elsewhere. Cultivate a hobby if you can. Millions have done so. Don’t be left behind.

Then there is the mandatory use of masks when in public and the sad and sorry concept of social distancing. The jury is still out on this. We shall see in hindsight what the effects truly are on health and human behavior over the long term. When we are well past this, and we will be after the true verifiable results of the election on November 03, 2020, we shall also know how this period of our human story has affected our way of life, as we know it.

As with anything that tries men’s souls, just remind yourself often:

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