Friendship: an unfathomable bond based on alliance and camaraderie

Atlantic City escapade

AS a strong form of interpersonal bond that is more than just a mere association, where one derives a certain degree of enjoyment from each other’s company and the ability to be oneself sans the fear of judgement or unjust criticism, friendship has inarguably established its paramount interactive role in human society.

Breaktime in the movies

The mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together could unquestionably bring about a welcoming conviviality that unswervingly defies hugger-muggers, jealousy, resentment, misfits, and outgroup feelings. Camaraderie affords concurrences of easy familiarity, close intimacy with friends, comradeship, and allegiance among a group of common interest.

Friendship includes positive character traits that sternly serve as bonding factors to ensure a healthy and harmonious affiliation for the truest essence of such bonding is predominantly founded on trust, amity, and solidarity.

Perniciously personal remarks or surreptitious contentious motives or being aggressively exigent could unambiguously disrepute a fellow of a solid group and that, in some unforeseen stances, could create internal issues that could cause the group’s fragmented solidarity.

Friends of the hexagonal table

Some wise men concluded that friends are the siblings God never gave us… just like a four-leaf clover that is hard to find and lucky to have. True friends are not the ones who make your problems disappear but those who will stick by your side when you are beset of problems… those who walk into your life when the rest of the world walks out of you.

Just like in a romantic relationship, a love for a friend is not based on who he is but who you are when with him. That’s why surround yourself with people who make you happy and free you from the bondage of mounting problematic situations. A real friend is someone who genuinely cares and voluntarily exerts effort to aid you when in need of somebody by his side. These are the people worth keeping in life while everyone else is transient and just passing through.

What actually magnetizes people together

Sociologists homogeneously resolved in several case studies that having a common interest is the strongest factor that draws people together and unmindfully fashioned a solidified rapport called friendship. Unbounded comprehension of one’s weaknesses could fortify the existing affiliation and effortlessly usher a much profounder association.

Solid Infinity is solid friendship

The very self-effacing and munificent hearted Indira Gandhi was once quoted: “Be the change you wish to see in the world” which means be the friend you want to have.                                                

The bases of genuine bonding

A true friend is someone who brings out the best in you. If you want to find out who among your friends are real and true, mess up and go through a challenging situation…and see who remains and sticks around with you. People have a natural tendency to lie but never allow any reason to become significant enough to make you lie because every time you lie, you lose your integrity and value as an individual.

Friendship isn’t all about who you’ve known the longest…it is all about who walked into your life and unaffectedly proved his faultless trustworthiness and immeasurable allegiance. Morality is constantly someone’s body of principles and values…it’s human to err but it takes character and a real man to own it up.

Friendship should be a sanctuary for both parties… where the troubles of the world seem easier to conquer. Strong and healthy friendly relationships are built to last on a foundation of trust, unconditional love and acceptance, honesty, and compassion. The fundamental foundations of friendship must be tended to with a conscious effort, unconditional understanding with limitless possibilities to sacrifice, and willingness to do whatever it takes to maintain its fortitude.

The nascence of Solid Infinity

I want to believe that the supreme core of a quintessential rapport springs from an unforeseeable situation where every single power of human energy is serendipitously measured and exacted by destiny.

In the numerous entertainment shows that I’ve directed, I have chanced upon a handful of people who instantaneously connected with my vibe and easy to deal with. The initial encounters could be premeditatedly casual but constant happenstances uninterruptedly crashed down the wall and allowed an open space for our acquaintanceship to grow and prosper.

It wasn’t easy to be comfortably hanging out with new found friends but somehow our initial food spree went smooth and carefree. One enjoyable outing led to an almost nightly rendezvous in many different venues and avenues:  dining out, watching movies, strolling around, shopping, hanging in my office, or just simply playing tongue-in-cheek puns and throwing humor at each other’s own expense.

The almost never-ending gallivanting nights and wandering days greatly motivated the group to create a name that best defined our distinct traits and durable confederacy. Not a few suggested names were thrown to the table until finally “Solid Infinity” easily earned everybody’s nod.

The new moniker appropriately attached to our group promptly signaled a seemingly renewed breath of dynamism that empowered everyone and everyone’s support for the team. The highly spirited situation flashed a positive ambiance… emitting an air of inspiration that abruptly permeated the air.

Meet “Solid Infinity” members up-close

Jeraliza Olaguera – (Je Oh) Call her Je for short but we address her “Madam” simply because she’s the corporate lady in the group. Unusually towering with a commanding deportment, Je is known for being stubborn but amiable… ambitious but focused and determined… and a praiseworthy achiever.

A typical Leo-born (August 16), Je prefers to do things the way she wants it done but the fire element that motivates her strength and confidence is the same element that weakens her to be impulsive and impatient. Highly reputable with a great sense of humor, this B.S. Accountancy alumna of the Philippine Christian University hails from Cavite City and an MBA major in Finance & Financial Services. Her unrivaled expertise in the field of accounting while perfectly matched with her keen business acumen rightfully earned her a slot in the mushrooming arena of entertainment production having had just recently registered her company under “Infinity Entertainment-NYC, LLC”.

Jerome Orillaza Robielos (Romy / Jerome) Being the youngest among 3 boys didn’t make this former “Mr. Pogi” aspirant from San Pablo, Laguna swell-headed and a spoiled brat. An innately born bookworm and a consistent dean’s lister and suitably armed with a positive attitude and an unflinching determination to succeed, this young dreamer took everything in stride and played his options well…while aptly guided by his being a devout born-again Christian and firm believer of his church’s doctrine. Despite the mounting school commitments at the CUNY BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College, where he takes up Health Information Management) Jerome never fails to hone his passion for music. Slowly establishing his name in the local entertainment showground (after abandoning his almost flourishing singing career in Manila), this Cancerian (born July 21) has guested in a number of well-promoted concerts and events. The youngest in the newly recognized social group, Jerome is usually the object of derision for his consistent tardiness but knowledgeable about relevant things and being fun to be with make up for everything he was short of.

Aileen Aromin (Ai) Deceiving in her sweet and coyly ways, this Baler native in reality is cleverly feisty and strong-willed. Born under the Cancer sign (June 21) she may be the perfect innocent girl any guy will be proud to bring home to Mama but she’s fundamentally equipped with that peculiar sense of wittiness hard to dodge and an alarming charm that could disarm any plain feeble guy. Ai, despite her pint size stature, could muster enough courage to be independent (she travels alone and lives by herself) and holds on to her own personal struggle in finding the right life partner and the perfect life style that suits her best. A BS Tourism degree holder from PWU and being the most voracious eater in the group but never shows gaining a pound, Ai can be a homebody (she cooks and could finish a marathon of romantic television series) but chooses to be out with the group at any given time and place. 

Rheymar Maranan (Ray) Towering (he stands 6-foot flat), robust and muscular (tips the scale at 180 lbs.) and swarthy (his complexion is what westerners aim for), Ray is the type of guy who could put a woman to blush without even speaking a word. Very gentle in his ways, the easy-to-fall-in-love-with guy from Ibaan, Batangas was born under the Libra sign (October 12)… no wonder he’s got a selfless and considerate nature, takes great enjoyment from helping others, and non-judgmental… so perfect for a friend. Ray obtained his Diploma in Computer Studies from Informatics and (still) continues to hone his knowledge further online. Suave and gentlemanly in all his ways, Ray serves as the “hero” (without an armor) of the two ladies (Je and Ai) in the group while being kept occupied with his active involvement in Junior Chamber International, NYC Chapter and professionally dabbing in photography.

Two more members are out of reach for updated information…one of whom is Kevin Obate, a Dr. of Physical Therapy and sax player.

Solid Infinity is the friendship the world needs now to abate global misunderstanding and hopefully, eliminate war. If friendship and camaraderie preponderate on the surface of the earth, peace and harmony will rule the world.

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