[COLUMN] Rob Gomez gets the acting bug

Rob Gomez has finally fulfilled a childhood wish to act in front of the cameras. He is currently seen in “Mano Po Legacy: The Family Fortune.” Instagram photo/@robgomez.23

GROWING up, it looked like Rob Gomez would bypass showbiz. Despite catching the showbiz bug back in high school where he appeared in “Walang Tulugan” and an episode for “Pidol’s Wonderland,” he was preoccupied with a number of things, including sports. Plus, his parents asked him to concentrate on his studies.

“I was a football player, that was really my main focus,” he said in an interview with the Philippine Star. “I love sports, (going to the) gym and working out. I love (playing) basketball and tennis, swimming, horse riding, everything under the sun I love.”

But Rob has come full circle and heeded the call – his dream as a youth to enter showbiz has become real.

It is no surprise to many as Rob is, after all, part of the Ejercito-Estrada showbiz clan – his mom was a former actress (Kate Estrada), his illustrious showbiz elders include George Estregan and Joseph “Erap” Estrada, and his uncle is Gary Estrada.

He is currently seen in “Mano Po Legacy: The Family fortune” where he holds his own in varying scenes with seasoned performers like Boots Anson-Roa, Sunshine Cruz and Maricel Laxa. He plays the character of Joseph, the illegitimate eldest son in the series.

Previous to “Mano Po,” Rob’s entry back into acting was via the Erik Matti film “A Girl + A Guy” (opposite Alexa Miro). He was also seen in “Regal Studio Presents: Bro B4 Rose” with Jeric Gonzales and Kim Domingo.

According to Rob, his mom was not supportive at first when he tried years ago, but things have changed in his second try at the acting thing. He gets words of encouragement from his family and relatives.

“She always tries to criticize me in a good way, so I can improve. She’s very supportive,” Rob revealed. when asked about pieces of advice that mom Kate and uncle Gary have given him. “He’s really a good guy. I look up to him so much. He’s a great guy. (For instance, with my movie,) his comment was very technical, how I walk, how I stand, how I speak, how I look in front of the camera…I should look like a leading man… kailangan maayos mong makita yung mga camera mo. He is such a nice person, he is well respected by people, by everyone he has been involved with. I wish to be like him one day.”

One thing he has learned in his young career is to communicate with his director. After all, it’s the director who sees everything on the screen and he thinks it’s worth it asking different inputs that he can consider when essaying the role he’s playing.

“For this role (in ‘Mano Po’), I learned that you really have to talk to the director. Of course, it’s his eye on the screen, something I (also) learned from direk Erik,” said Rob. “Since I’m working with direk Ian (Loreños), it’s his perspective. He is very kind and very approachable.”

The 23-year-old says that he wants to do a lot more and will try his best to succeed in this business.

“(After,) I want to do something in between, something above, something below naman, maybe an action film, maybe something more interesting, anything actually. If they give me the best opportunities, I will try to give them the best results,” he stated.

Enjoying the things that he is doing right now and sold on the idea that his craft is an extension of his creativity, Rob also believes that things will come his way in due time.

“It’s all about timing and God’s will,” he declared.

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Rob Gomez has finally fulfilled a childhood wish to act in front of the cameras. He is currently seen in “Mano Po Legacy: The Family Fortune.” Instagram photo/@robgomez.23

Leave it to Kim Chiu to keep her fans abreast on what to do for the Chinese New Year.

In a recent episode in her YouTube channel, Kim, according to Inquirer.net, gave tips to her fans on some do’s and don’ts for the Year of the Water Tiger.

According to Chiu, sweeping is not advised until the fifth day of the new year and one should not wash their hair on New Year’s Day to avoid “washing away” wealth. She said that arguing and swearing are not allowed as it brings bad luck and taking medicine should also be avoided so that one does not get sick the entire year.

Meanwhile, those who are looking for love this new year should try wearing a brand new red underwear.

“2022 is an interesting year, a year of opportunities, a year of development but also a challenging year. But we must never lose hope and pray for good things to come our way,” she was quoted as saying.

The episode also featured a visit to a feng shui expert. Both agreed on a couple of things for good luck, including a prosperity basket and wishing paper.

“We always have this at home,” Chiu said of the prosperity basket which contains rice, kiat kiat, a bell and a red envelope containing P888, among others. “We always put P888, then after nine days I deposit it to a bank account. Then we eat the rice after nine days.”

As for the wishing paper, Kim is steadfast in her belief that using it has led her to fulfill her dream of owning a vacation house.

“Proven and tested, everyone who comes to our house writes on these. It’s impossible that what you wrote here does not come true. I wrote something here, it really came true. I was able to buy a vacation house,” she claimed.

However, if the wish does not come true, Kim says it is okay as it comes down to timing.

“The Chinese gods won’t judge you, so it’s okay,” she told fan.

During the episode, it was also revealed that lucky colors for this year are yellow, red, white, gold and silver.


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