[COLUMN] Rayver-Janine, Alodia-Wil breakups surprise showbiz watchers

(Left) Actress Janine Gutierrez reportedly was the one initiated the breakup with erstwhile boyfriend Rayver Cruz. Photo from instagram/@janinegutierrez | (Right) Kapuso actor Rayver Cruz, who is busy with several TV shows in GMA network, reportedly deleted Janine’s photos on his Instagram account, per the latter’s request. Photo from instagram/@rayvercruz

IT seems like the holiday season this year is becoming breakup season when it comes to showbiz couples.

First, Rayver Cruz and Janine Gutierrez, whose relationship became public in 2017, have decided to go their separate ways. According to news reports, there is no third party involved in the split. What is rumored is that Janine was the one who broached the idea of breaking up, claiming that she wants [the opportunity] to grow.

A report from PEP.ph says that it was Janine who requested Rayver to take down her photos from his Instagram account. She did the same after her former boyfriend did as she requested.

Insiders say that there were no major problems between the two. It’s even rumored that Rayver was on the cusp of proposing to Janine.

Some people think that Rayver and Janine’s busy schedules (incuding lock-in tapings), along with their intense concentration on their respective projects, might be the reason why the couple drifted apart.

Janine is currently involved in the ABS-CBN rom-com series, “Marry Me, Marry You,” alongside Paulo Avelino (who revealed in another news report that he and Janine had gone out before), while Rayver has a few shows with GMA Network, namely “The Clash,” “All-Out Sundays” and “Limitless: Heal.” Initially, showbiz watchers thought that the breakup could be a gimmick to give way to the tandems being formed by their respective networks, but, alas, it’s true that the couple have indeed gone their separate ways. Fans and friends of the couple are hoping that the two may eventually wind up together again after this, although nothing is sure in tinseltown.

Both Rayver and Janine come from showbiz clans. Rayver is a member of the famous Cruz family and he is cousins with Sheryl Cruz, Sunshine Cruz, Geneva Cruz and Donna Cruz. Janine is the daughter of Ramon Christopher and Lotlot de Leon; she also counts Superstar Nora Aunor and Asia’s Queen of Song Pilita Corrales as her grandmothers.

Alodia Gosiengfiao seems to be doing okay after revealing her breakup with boyfriend Wil Dasovich via a social media post.Photo from instagram/@alodia

Meanwhile, cosplayer and gamer Alodia Gosiengfiao and her boyfriend of four years YouTuber Wil Dasovich have called it quits. She has stopped following her ex-boyfriend on Instagram, per media reports.

According to a PEP.ph article, Gosiengfiao related in a Facebook post that she is no longer with Wil.

Part of the post read, “To those asking, wala na kame. It’s been a while. We tried to work things out many times but some things are not meant to be. I hope you respect our privacy during this time in our lives. [pray emoji]”

The gamer also belied reports that the breakup is a prank.

Sa mga nagtatanong pala, kasi may mga nagsasabi, ‘Is it a prank?’ To be honest, I don’t normally do pranks and wala pa akong time to make, like, yung mga ganung types of videos kasi po very busy yung day ko. I, like, have meetings kasi and I also manage Tier One behind the scenes, so may mga business meetings. I manage gaming streams, the company, and branded contents, so yung mga ano…,” she was quoted as saying. “No, hindi po ito prank. I wish it were, but it’s not.”

Gosiengfiao seems to be in a good place, despite the revelation of their breakup.

“Me? I’m not sad. I’m just tired,” she said. “I’m not sad, I’m okay, to honest, like, yung buong situation. I know it’s kind of sad, pero I’m over that ano na, parang natanggap ko na siya. And I’m okay.”

* * *

Aside from Saviour and Tanya Ramos (children of actor Wendell Ramos), there are other showbiz scions who will be vying for their place at GMA Artist Center, having been signed up during the recent auditions.

Lala Vinzon, actor Roi Vinzon’s daughter, says she wants to apply to herself the values and discipline that her dad practiced during his showbiz career.
Photo from instagram/@lalavinzon

Among them are Lala Vinzon, Sandro Muhlach and Brianna.

According to The Manila Times, Lala is the daughter of actor Roi Vinzon and is a product of the Voice Teens in 2017.

“Acting is really close to my heart because of my dad — I witnessed the values and discipline of my dad as an actor and I want to apply it to myself,” Lala was quoted as saying.

“Growing up, my dad being an actor was not a big deal because sinanay niya kami na maging simpleng tao. He did not want us to feel that we are important. That’s one thing that I thank my dad for because pinalaki niya kaming simple,” she stated.

Niño Muhlach’s son Sandro was one of the young actors signed up by the GMA Artist Center in their recent auditions.
Photo from instagram/@sandromuhlach

Sandro, meanwhile, is the son of former child actor and wonder Niño Muhlach.

“For me the biggest dream is to be a successful actor. I actually started in theater, so acting is a big part of my life. Of course, my dad is also an inspiration for me in acting,” Sandro said.

On the pressures of being the son of the most successful child actor of his generation, Sandro keeps the focus on the things that he can offer.

“I don’t need to go beyond what he has done because he is the child actort-wonder boy of the Philippines. I differentiate myself from him. That’s how I take the pressure off myself – the differences between me and my dad. What I can offer on the table is my passion for acting. In every project that I become involved with, I always strive to do my best,” he stated.

Brianna Bunagan, daughter of comedian Michael V, hopes to make her singing career flourish as she gets signed up by GMA Artist Center.Photo from instagram/@briannabunagan

As for Brianna, who is the daughter of veteran comedian Michael V, her singing career is the most important thing for her.

“Dad, being in the industry before me, it has opened the door for me and I’m very thankful for that. But for me, first love ko ang singing so I am really looking forward to pursue my singing career,” she said.

Hopefully, these scions of showbiz personalities will prove their mettle in whatever projects come their way.

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