[COLUMN] Party Party People celebrates 2nd anniversary

FRIDAY, February 25 saw a packed hotspot at The Noypitz in Downtown Los Angeles for Party Party People’s 2nd Anniversary.

Longtime DJ Jerome Sto. Domingo with special guest DJ Garth Santayana from Manila thrilled partygoers and dance music connoisseurs alike with their selection of popular music from ‘70s through ‘90s reminiscing the heydays of the clubbing scene in Manila.

Party Party People, also known as PPP, is a social media group that was founded a couple of years ago by Michelle Sto. Domingo Advincula with the purpose of featuring local Pinoy DJs that specialize in various genres aside from disseminating information about parties and events in Southern California. PPP president Zigmond Yee adds that they are selective in that matter.

The group has participated in two fundraisers — one with event organizer Michelle Aldanese where DJ Dee Buen donated his services, and a dance party in Las Vegas for the Arnold Manaog Foundation.

Led by Michelle Advincula, Party Party People administrators Dee Buen, Zigmond Yee, Jerome Sto. Domingo, Jesse Pacleb and Mackie Catt, along with their friends, support events and productions by other groups such as House of Disco led by legendary Faces DJ Boyet Almazan, Club Manila Los Angeles (CMLA) led by DJ Jake Martin and Mobile Rhythm Live led by Ben Montemayor.

Notable local Filipino DJs George Garcia, Dee Buen, Dean Andrew Pantilo, Mackie Catt and Randy Trinidad were present to cheer on their fellow DJ Jerome Sto. Domingo.

Rapper and DJ Butch Tracer Velez of Mastaplann, former Vicor dancer Katrina Llanes, Dancesport (Ballroom Dancing) champion Aya Talampas, singer Hazel Velasco, host Robby Rob, local business owners and community leaders such as Noypitz owners Larry and Kai Calonzo, Fast Fix Jewelry and Repairs owner Javier Suarez, Los Angeles County Filipino American Employee Association (LACFAEA) president Edwinn Martinez were in attendance.

Dedicated PPP members Jing Sto. Domingo, Bel Domingo, Mona Sto. Domingo Santos, Regi Libre, Carlo and Liza Lopez, Lemuel and Rachelle Pia, Peaches Eligir, Robbie Salvador and Tin Cabrera-Fontanilla, among others, filled the dancefloor and danced the night away.

In its 2nd year, PPP hopes to continue sharing information about future events to the local Filipino community and to promote new talents in the field of DJing while giving venues and their businesses a boost.


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