[COLUMN] Ian Veneracion celebrates 40th year in showbiz, signs up with management team of OPM icon

Actor/musician Ian Veneracion recently signed with the management team of longtime friend and collaborator Ogie Alcasid.Photo from Instagram/@ianveneracion_official

ACTOR Ian Veneracion is celebrating his 40th year in showbiz in 2022, and has decided to pursue more avenues, particularly his musical side, by signing up with the management team of OPM stalwart Ogie Alcasid.

The two are longtime friends, with Ogie collaborating with and/or producing Ian’s past shows, including “Ian in Color,” “Pajamjam” and “Virtually Yours: Kilobotitos (with Ogie).”

It was Ogie in fact who took a chance on Ian as a concert artist, according to an article in the Philippine Star.

“I was shocked because when I went into singing — because I’m not known to be a singer, I’m really an actor my whole life — I was so flattered that Ogie, an accomplished singer and songwriter, believed in me, and actually put money into producing a concert for me,” he stated in the article.

“Of course, it’s hard to get the trust of those who are already up there. I’m just so happy that they welcomed me in the music industry with open arms. Our singing idols, laging ‘pag-nakikita ko sila, sasabihin nila, ‘Oh Ian, you’re doing music now, congrats.’ Sobrang welcoming. Of course, that’s (reception) very influential because I’m just new to music,” he added.

Ian joined Ogie’s ATeam out of both Ogie and Ian’s mutual desire to work with each other, aside from their friendship, of course. And it will be a collaborative effort.

“In fact, at any point when one of us is not satisfied, we’re not bound to force it, yung ganun, because it’s out of friendship. So, it’s very light. The partnership is there because we both want it,” Ian explained.

Ogie Alcasid (right) on Ian Veneracion (left): “He’s a painter, an artista, an action star and a musician, which is one thing he really wants to keep exploring. He enjoys it.”

For his part, Ogie, who joined Ian in a recent presscon, said, “He’s a painter, an artista, an action star and a musician, which is one thing he really wants to keep exploring. He enjoys it.”

“It is his 40 years in showbiz but, you know, the first time we actually approached him — I don’t remember the year — we were really approaching him more on what he wanted to do with his music career,” Ogie related. “Because with the movies, TV and acting, even if he’s asleep, kaya gawin ni Ian yan, he already knows how things work there. But with music, which I see that he really wants to do, that was where we wanted to come in and help him fulfill his dreams.”

Alcasid added that it is good that Ian is pursuing interests outside of acting, similar to Hollywood actors like Kevin Bacon and Keanu Reeves who have their own bands, and also pointing out that a music career is not a fallback for these stars, “but they just want to do it…because it’s good for the soul.”

The “Make It with You” actor has already produced a new song entitled “Ninuno,” which is available on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.

“It’s basically about my need to go back to our roots. So, it’s like reminding and (sending) questions to myself, mula sa mga ninuno natin — I think we come from a bloodline of warriors — paano tayo nag-progress, ano ba talaga nangyayari, you know, it throws a lot of questions there,” he explained about the song.

“Self-image is important for me. You should see yourself as a hero, instead of seeing yourself as a victim. You have the same struggles, but (you can see them) from a different perspective. You’ll struggle with poverty, this and that, but if you see them as like you’re slaying dragons, it’s meaningful. Even if you’re suffering, it’s meaningful,” he reflected on the song’s message against victim mentality.

He added: “But when you see yourself as a victim, ang hirap because kahit yung araw, magrereklamo ka or kakagatin ka lang ng lamok, parang ang hirap-hirap na. You can have the same circumstances but just because of your mindset, from hero to victim, it’s such a different experience.”

According to the Ian, the future will see him delve more into great OPM sounds and artists of yore, or what he brands as “the ancesors of Filipino music.”

“Recently lang din ako na-educate sa sariling atin na tugtugan. Tayong mga Pilipino magaling sa music, kahit magpunta ka sa mga cruise ships, hotels sa ibang bansa puro Pilipino yung mga banda. But most of the time, our introduction to music is foreign music. That’s why binabalikan ko saan ba tayo nagsimula, yung mga ninuno natin sa musika. I’d like to explore music in that aspect,” he said.

* * *

While exercising and juicing are keys to Sofia Andres’ bikini-ready beach body, the actress also discovered a new hobby, painting, during the pandemic.
Photo from Instagram/@iiamsofiaandres

Sofia Andres recently told the press that maintaining her fitness level is getting harder.

Often praised for her posts in Instagram, the sexy Kapamilya actress said that as she has gotten older, it has become more challenging to maintain her figure.

Her keys to her fitness: exercise and juicing.

While swimming is her favorite activity, her Instagram feed also showed, per a recent PEP.ph article, that she also enjoys playing tennis.

To maintain her ever-present beach-bikini body, Sofia incorporates juicing to her routine.

“Every time na I go to the beach, before that I try to work out and do juicing. So I drink mga juice lang for two days, the whole day. And then yun, it really helps,” she said.

During the pandemic, Sofia also discovered a new hobby ­– one that has helped her bond more with her daughter Zoe.

“During the pandemic, I just paint and paint and I think yun yung breakthrough ko because I was able to sell,” she explained. “I was able to sell and express myself through painting, and all that.”

She has no set parameters, and takes inspiration from spontaneity.

“I just do anything lang. I just imagine like, how I feel if ever I’m in the mood to paint,” she stated. “Pag wala, as in, walang lumalabas.”

Asked if she will do an exhibit soon, Sofia, who has sold nine of around a dozen paintings that she has produced, answered: “Actually, I have, maybe next year. I just have to practice more lang po.

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