[COLUMN] Barbie Imperial saves for a house, proud to be ‘kuripot’

YOUNG actress Barbie Imperial is not shy to say that she is “kuripot,” or thrifty when it comes to money.

In a recent interview with PEP.ph, Barbie revealed that she doesn’t spend much on luxury items, and that most of the designer items that she has in her possession are gifts from friends and fans or were otherwise bought at a discount.

“The branded items that I have like clothes, bags and other stuff, those were given to me,” she revealed. “Or if there’s a [good] discount, then that’s when I would consider it. Sobrang kuripot ako e, as in.”

Her decision not to splurge on luxury items stems from the fact that she would like to save for her dream home.

“Sometimes when I think about it, ‘If I buy this bag, that money could be added to what I am saving for my house,’ something like that,” she said, but added, “If the discount is at 30 percent, that’s okay with me. It’s 30 percent already. But if it is regular price, it’s like ‘Ah, that’s painful for my wallet!’.”

Although she has achieved one of her biggest dreams of buying their family their own home via her work and endorsement deals, she is planning to buy another house.

“I don’t need to do it immediately,” she clarified. “But I would like to buy another house.”

“It’s my dream to acquire one more house. We already have a house but my plan is to give it to my brother because he has a family of his own… So, it’s like helping out… [and] I want to have my own house,” she added.

Asked what her dream house would look like, the actress-model born in Daraga, Albay is opting for a minimalist, clean look.

“I like all white, minimalist, clean,” she answered. “Just like this (gesturing at her hotel room)… I see it as very beautiful because the interiors of the rooms are very simple. Very clean and sleek.”

As for the location, initially they had planned to buy a house in Bicol, but the “Araw Gabi” lead actress divulged that it was not in the cards for them.

“My mom and I had originally planned to buy a house in Bicol. But my brother and his family live here in Manila. And my work is here also. So, if we get a house in Bicol, Mama would only be the one staying there. She would be there alone. So we talked about it, Manila was our next option,” she said.

Imperial was most recently seen in The Other Girl episode of iWantTFC’s “The Goodbye Girl” series where she played a woman (Kiera) who becomes a mistress to her colleague named Franco, and even befriends her colleague’s wife to get to know her competition only to find out that she is just one of the many women on the side of Franco.

Having recently broken up with boyfriend Diego Loyzaga, Barbie was asked what lessons in love she had learned during the February presscon for “The Goodbye Girl.”

“When we hear how we should learn to love ourselves first before we give our love to others, it just glosses over, right? But that’s what I learned from my past relationships – that you need to really love yourself too. Totoo pala ‘yun,” she answered.

“I’m the type of person that even if I’m slowly flickering away, running towards empty, I still give all my love to other people. I figured out that these things may be happening to me constantly because I really don’t know how to love myself. Because it’s all the same story with each boyfriend. So what if I change it now? I will focus on me and learn to love myself,” she added.

The “It’s Showtime” regular guest continued, “Self-love is very important. You have to love yourself so that you know when to leave, when to fight for yourself, and know your worth as a person. That’s it. If you don’t love yourself, it’s like you just go with the flow even if that is not the path for both of you. Love yourself so you can be brave… your courage will be there and your beliefs will be there.”

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