Christmas special: Filipino Christmas carols

Not only do Filipinos show their excitement for Christmas through colorful decorations but they also share it through the many joyful holiday carols and heartwarming hymns. Generally, Filipinos are music lovers and any celebration is never complete without singing and dancing. Ease into the season’s spirit with these favorite Filipino Christmas songs!
Noche Buena is among the Philippines’ lively holiday songs you will usually hear playing on the radio. Noche Buena, sang in Filipino, describes the excitement and joy of families while preparing for their favorite dishes like the lechon, which will be served during the Christmas Eve dinner.
Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit is an upbeat song that describes the birth of Christ. In English, the song means “Christmas has Come,” and basically talks about the spirit of love, joy and generosity among one another.
Namamasko (Carolling) is a famous song performed during Christmas carolling. The song talks about asking for aginaldo or gifts, which are usually given as money, while they serenade from house to house.
Mano po, Ninong is a song about one of the Filipinos Christmas traditions where godchildren express their heartfelt appreciation and thanks for all the many blessings and gifts they receive. Also, the song wishes everyone joy, love and peace during the holidays.
Pasko na Sinta Ko (It’s Christmas, My Love) is among the sentimental holiday songs in the Philippines. The song, performed by Gary Valenciano, is about longing for a loved one during the Christmas.
Christmas Bonus, a parody song sung by Aegis, where employers ask for 13-month pay or commonly known as the Christmas bonus.
Himig ng Pasko (Melody of Christmas) is among the most-loved Christmas songs in the country. The lyrics, delivered in a mellow tune is about the jolly and heartwarming feel that the Yuletide season brings to everyone.
Kumukutikutitap (Twinkling) is about the bright lights and all the glimmer of the holiday season in the Philippines. These colorful and vibrant displays, particularly the different kinds of parols, are among the most-loved holiday decorations in the country.
Christmas in Our Hearts expresses the true spirit of the season – the birth of Christ and his love for us. This hit song was originally sung by Jose Mari Chan, one of the renowned singers and songwriters in the country’s music industry, and his daughter, and Liza Chan.
12 Days of Pinoy Krismas, by the APO Hiking Society, is the Filipino’s version of the popular holiday song, 12 Days of Christmas. This hilarious song is among the favorite Christmas parodies as it talks about the 12 bizarre gifts one will receive from a Filipino loved one.
Paskong Anong Saya (Christmas Joy) is a holiday carol that expresses joy and peace on Christmas Day and New Year, wishing everyone, particularly the country fellowmen, a prosperous new year and a fruitful nation.
Ngayong Pasko, Magniningning ang Pilipino (This Christmas, Filipinos will Shine) is an original song from ABS-CBN’s 2010 Christmas Station ID. It highlights the unique culture and traditions during Christmas and the religious faith that Filipinos are known for all across the world.


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