Island Pacific launches ‘Island Pacific Select’ private label

Island Pacific Select’s Glazed Banana Thins comes in four different flavors, original, chocolate, cinnamon and salted | Photo by Jester Edquilag

ISLAND Pacific Supermarket, a Filipino grocery chain with 16 locations in California and Nevada, recently launched its private label program known as “Island Pacific Select.”

This week, Island Pacific Select Glazed Banana Thins made its way to store shelves.

“We are extremely excited to introduce Island Pacific Select Glazed Banana Thins. The manufacturer of this product is a family-owned business in the Philippines who are passionate in creating the best banana chips on the planet. What makes this product amazing is it perfectly embodies the goals and objectives of our private label program which is to provide premium product at affordable prices!” said Island Pacific Founder & CEO, Nino Jefferson Lim.

Island Pacific’s professional buyers and R&D department meticulously grade and analyze each product before making it a part of the “Island Pacific Select” product line. The objective of Island Pacific’s private label program is to guarantee that customers are buying premium quality products.

These premium banana chips are proudly made in the Philippines and imported to California. The sweet bananas are ethically and responsibly sourced from local Philippine banana farms. There are four varieties of flavor to choose from: original, chocolate, cinnamon and salted. Island Pacific Banana chips are cooked in small batches and are sliced to perfection resulting in a thin, crispy crunch with every bite!

Island Pacific Select Glazed Banana Thins retail for $4.99 but Island Pacific will have an introductory sale of $3.99 in store and for delivery or pickup through the Island Pacific app or website. (Advertising Supplement)

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