Filipino supermarket chain Island Pacific launches ‘stay home, stay safe’ campaign

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Island Pacific has made the health and safety of its customers, employees, and community its top priority.

Island Pacific Supermarket has launched its “Stay Home, Stay Safe” campaign by becoming the first Filipino supermarket chain to provide online shopping with same-day grocery delivery in the United States.

By shopping at Island Pacific Online, everything that you can find in an Island Pacific Supermarket will be available at your fingertips. You will be able to shop a wide array of groceries, fruits, vegetables, and prepared foods Island Pacific is known for. The full-service meat and seafood department will also be available online where you can request your meat and seafood prepared just the way you want it! Even free fish frying is available in Island Pacific Online Grocery. With this amazing service, you can order ahead and skip the long lines in the supermarket.

When you shop at Island Pacific online, you will have your own personal shopper who is an expert in picking the best meat, seafood, and produce for your household. All throughout the shopping process, your shopper will be connected with you from the time you place the order, while your order is being picked, and when your order is being delivered.

The supermarket has created a contactless delivery option to promote social distancing and to curtail the spread of the virus. Groceries can be left at your door saving you from making a trip to the supermarket.

In the spirit of the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Campaign, shoppers no longer need to inside a location — Island Pacific will directly be available in your home.

Some members of our community get deterred from shopping online due to the high costs of service fees, which can run up to 5% of total receipt, and the high cost of delivery fees.

Island Pacific founder, Nino Jeff Lim, has always emphasized the importance of serving the community before any profit objectives. In this spirit, during the duration of the company’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” campaign Island Pacific will be waiving all service fees when customers enter promo code “BAYANIHAN” before checking out.

The word “bayanihan” refers to the Filipino spirit of emphasizing the importance of communal unity to achieve a common goal. Island Pacific is also constantly exploring ways to lower the delivery cost charged by 3rd party providers. The supermarket has recently engaged Postmates since they have the largest network and have the most competitive delivery rates to support our deliveries.

Please tag @islandpacificmarket so that Island Pacific can share all your experiences and how communities are staying home and staying safe! We are all in this together, in the spirit of #bayanihan, let us show the indomitable resiliency of our people especially in times of crisis.

Island Pacific is a supermarket chain dedicated to promoting Filipino Food and Seafood to the rest of the world. It is headquartered in Walnut, California and currently has 16 supermarket branches serving communities in California and Las Vegas. (Advertising Supplement)

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