Energy-efficient cooking tips for the big game

Impress your household with these energy-saving techniques.

By Shulie Tornel / Southern California Edison

Are you preparing a delicious spread for the Big Game on Feb.7?

No matter which team you are rooting for – Kansas City or Tampa Bay – you will be making a safe bet when you stick to these energy-efficient strategies.

Start by making a few tweaks to how you use appliances in your home. Simple adjustments, such as avoiding vampire power or updating lighting to more energy-efficient options, can help you save big on monthly bills.

When it comes to cooking, choose simple dishes that don’t require much preparation. Using your refrigerator in an efficient way can also help your appliances perform better while using less electricity. For instance, keeping food spaced apart in your refrigerator can help reduce energy and avoid early spoilage.

Use these easy and simple tips to keep energy costs down while keeping the Big Game energy up.

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