New original series on untold global Filipino stories kicks off with shame-free sex education

It’s estimated that over 10 million Filipinos are living outside of the Philippines — 4.5 million of whom are in the United States alone. While Filipinos globally may be known for their hospitality, level of care, work ethic and adaptability, there are more nuanced stories underneath the surface.

“Intersections,” a new original series by storytelling platform NextDayBetter in partnership with The Filipino Channel, seeks to tell those untold, humanistic stories. Over the next three months, the series will roll out episodes, ranging from shame-free sex education to LGBT acceptance in the Catholic community.

TFC, which is accessible to Filipinos around the world, has traditionally catered to older generations, but through “Intersections,” it’s a way to influence “thinking, action, and behavior of Filipinos across generations, especially our immigrant parents and grandparents,” NextDayBetter CEO and Founder Ryan Letada told the Asian Journal.

“This partnership started because it’s time that we make our invisible stories visible as s next-generation Filipinos,” Letada added. “My parents once said to me ‘You’re Filipino. You’re not American.’ What does that mean? Our series asks who are we becoming? From LGBT activists to Filipinos migrants teaching rural Americans, we need to own our stories.”

The first episode released earlier this September, entitled “Shameless,” features Andrea Barrica, a queer Filipina American who founded, a sex education platform that forwards inclusivity for LGBTQs, people with disabilities, and minorities. Through her story, she shows how sexual pleasure and wellness are intertwined. 

“My best vision for the world is every single human being on the planet gets educated about sex, their bodies, and has a place that’s safe to talk about their sexuality with during their hardest times,” Barrica said. 

Lifestyle and wellness coach, Joanne Encarnacion (GOFITJO) also shares her perspectives on shame and sex education for the next generation.

Unlearning shame is the only way for individuals to grow, learn, and to be more open to other opportunities and views in life. We need to unlearn shame as a culture because it keeps us living small and unseen,” Encarnacion said. 

Filipinos and Non-Filipinos are engaging in conversations around the future of shame-free sex education for all on Kumu, Subtle Filipino Traits, Entrepinayship and more. Join the conversation using the hashtag, #IntersectionsPH.

Episodes can be watched for free on or on NextDayBetter’s YouTube Channel.


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