Tips to Stay Protected From the Manila Heat

Summer is finally upon us once again, and the typically hot Manila weather feels a lot hotter than usual. In many ways, the hot weather is but another way of life in this tropical country, which means you can’t stay cooped up inside forever. From wearing light layers to (properly) lathering up on your sunscreen, here are some tips to stay protected from the Manila heat.

Bring Sunscreen with You at All Times

Kudos to you if you’ve already incorporated sunscreen as part of your daily routine but for all the rest of you, what are you waiting for? While most people will tell you to reapply sunscreen every two hours, those of us who love wearing makeup may skip this step out of fear of ruining their makeup. Fret not, for the secret to keeping your makeup while also reapplying your SPF is simpler than you think! Using facial powder with SPF or sprays like L’Oréal’s UV Perfect face mist make touch ups a breeze. Remember to reach for your sunscreen every two hours for maximum protection! And remember, a general rule of sunscreen is to apply more than you think you need.

Wear Light Layers

Manila loves its air-conditioning, so layering up can help you manage these fluctuations in temperature. Layering with Woman Within’s lightweight hooded jacket is your best bet for a busy day, especially since you can quickly store it in your tote or tie it around your waist when it’s not needed. The jacket’s midi length is a fashion-forward choice, and the simple color palette makes it flattering on any skin tone. If you’re going to be out under the sun the whole day, this jacket can also help protect your skin against the sun’s rays without making you sweat everything out. A light jacket can also help protect you from a sudden downpour, which every Filipino knows might be just around the corner!

Accessorize Smarter

According to fashion insiders at Harper’s Bazaar, hair scarves are the next big trend of 2020’s spring and summer season. While you can be a bit more creative by braiding a scarf into your ponytail or using it in place of a ponytail holder, you can also simply drape it over your head and tie it either just below your chin or at the nape of your neck. This vintage look also has the added benefit of protecting your head against the sun. On that note, you should also be sure to wear sunglasses with adequate UV protection: dark tints make your pupils dilate, which gives UV rays more chance of coming in. The right sunglasses will help prevent this from happening.

Here at Asian Journal we know that true style comes from marrying form and function. Using these tips to help you pick the right products allows you to stay fashionably protected even as the temperatures continue to climb! These tips work for the beach and the city, or wherever else this summer season takes you!

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