Paris welcomes Daily Malong at 2023 Fashion Week

Photos courtesy of Daily Malong

PARIS – Daily Malong, a name in the Filipino fashion industry, is proud to announce its presence at 2023 Paris Fashion Week, where it will introduce its vibrant new collection, Rooted and Current. This is in preparation for Daily Malong’s rebrand transition set to release in October 2023 reflecting the team’s commitment to celebrating and promoting indigenous weaving from the Philippines, a belief passionately held by its founder, Lydia Querian inspired by rivers and mountains from her research journey to the communities.

Under the tagline “Indigenous is the Future,” Daily Malong is set to launch its latest collection, “Rooted and Current.” This innovative line is harmoniously informed by a blend of ancestral knowledge and modern fashion trends, resulting from extensive research conducted amongst indigenous and weaving communities in the Philippines.

“Rooted and Current” encompasses a creative and wearable line, bringing contemporary relevance to the timeless beauty of Filipino indigenous weaving from many different ethnolinguistic groups. Each piece in the collection, from intricate weaves to bold embroideries, tells a unique story, drawing deeply from oral tradition and innovation. This collection is more than just a fashion statement – it’s a celebration of cultural heritage and a testament to the inspiring fusion of past and present.

Photos courtesy of Daily Malong

“Daily Malong’s mission is to bring the indigenous cultural inspiration from the Philippines to the global stage,” said Lydia Querian, founder of Daily Malong and the driving force behind Karayan. “Through ‘Rooted and Current,’ we hope to offer a fresh perspective on fashion, one that respects and draws from our ancestral knowledge while staying in tune with modern trends.”

Paris Fashion Week attendees will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the effortless elegance of Daily Malong’s collection at Le Salon des Miroirs on September 29 and 30. The brand invites everyone to join them in their journey of exploring the beauty of indigenous Filipino culture and its significant role in shaping the future of fashion.

Daily Malong is a BIPOC and Filipinx woman-owned fashion brand with a powerful purpose. Its team of creatives is on a mission to empower indigenous communities in the Philippines, sharing their legacy of ancestral knowledge with Filipinx diasporic communities across the globe.

Founder Lydia Querian spearheads its vision, driven by the resounding belief that “Indigenous is the future.” In her steadfast dedication, Lydia envisions a world where the invaluable practices of indigenous communities are woven into the fabric of the future. By marrying the timeless wisdom of the past with the opportunities of the present, Daily Malong stands as ambassadors of traditions, protectors of the environment, and champions of change.

Photos courtesy of Daily Malong

Every piece of clothing Daily Malong creates is made with handwoven indigenous textiles serving as a living testament to the resilience of the diverse weaving communities across the Philippines. These textiles, when donned today, bear the weight of history and the narrative of ancestral lineages across the Philippines. They bridge generations, offering both wearers and weavers a profound connection that transcends time. Through this connection, we navigate the challenges of societal adversity, work towards climate preservation, and endeavor to restore balance to our environment.

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