California State Assembly candidate Jessica Caloza sits down for a one-on-one interview with Attorney Michael Gurfinkel on a special encore episode of Citizen Pinoy this Sunday

FIL-AM CANDIDATE FOR STATE ASSEMBLY IS CITIZEN PINOY GUEST. Citizen Pinoy host, Attorney Michael J. Gurfinkel (R), features as his special guest, dedicated public servant Jessica Caloza (L), who is currently running for California State Assembly. They will discuss vital issues, including Caloza’s stand on immigration, among other things. Watch this enlightening and encouraging episode featuring proud Filipino immigrant, Jessica Caloza, on an encore of Citizen Pinoy on Sunday, March 3 at 6:30 PM PT (9:30 PM ET) through select Cable/Satellite providers, right after TV Patrol Linggo.(Advertising Supplement)

WOMEN’S rights advocate, daughter of working-class parents, and proud Filipino immigrant Jessica Caloza is running for California State Assembly, and this Sunday, she sits down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with leading U.S. Immigration Attorney Michael J. Gurfinkel.

Caloza served as an education policy advisor to President Barack Obama, was L.A. Public Works commissioner, and was formerly California Attorney General Rob Bonta’s deputy chief of staff. She will talk about her family’s immigration story and will discuss, in-depth, her stand on immigration and those issues affecting immigrants.

Jessica wants all families to have the same opportunities hers did: to work hard, get good-paying jobs, and build a better life. “It’s not about one of us, it’s about all of us.”

Watch the inspiring story of Jessica Caloza on an encore episode of Citizen Pinoy on Sunday, March 3 at 6:30 PM PT (9:30 PM ET thru select Cable/Satellite providers), right after TV Patrol Linggo. Citizen Pinoy is also available on iWantTFC. Viewers may download the free app.

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Atty. Michael Gurfinkel

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