[OPINION] Readers weigh in: Should Biden pardon Trump to unify the country? Could Trump pardon himself and his children?

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, squared off in the second and final presidential debate on Thursday night, October 22. | File photos

JOE BIDEN has officially secured enough electors to become president. He accrued more than 270 electors when California certified its presidential election on Friday, December 4, and appointed 55 electors pledged to vote for Biden, officially handing him the Electoral College majority needed to win the White House. Biden now has 279 electors, which is over the 270 threshold for victory.

As the Associated Press reported, “The electors named Friday will meet Dec. 14, along with counterparts in each state, to formally vote for the next president. Most states have laws binding their electors to the winner of the popular vote in their state, measures that were upheld by a Supreme Court decision this year. There have been no suggestions that any of Biden’s pledged electors would contemplate not voting for him.”

As all election processes and results lead the way to Biden’s inauguration as the 46th President of the United States on January 20, 2021, the issue of PARDON has been talked about in the news and on social media.

This is especially relevant in light of all the charges Trump could be facing after his term due to his reported abuse of the power, resources, and public trust accorded to him by the Office of the President.

This is not even including other charges against him that are already in court, but he could not be indicted because of the Department of Justice memo that prohibits deposing a sitting president.

This is in part fueled by Trump’s tweets in 2018 claiming he can pardon himself, contrary to the law.

Trump was also reportedly in talks with his advisers about granting preemptive pardons to his children Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, a White House senior adviser.

Last week, I wrote an article about what the law says about presidential pardons and clemency, as well as other legal perspectives pertaining to Trump pardoning himself and his children.

Some Trump supporters have been opining that Biden as president should consider pardoning Trump like what President Gerard Ford did to his predecessor Richard Nixon.

They contend it could help heal and unify our divided nation.

Of course, Biden already stated his definitive stand on this issue. In a town hall meeting during the presidential campaign, Biden already gave a firm answer to this very question.

He pledged that he would not use his new executive powers to pardon President Donald Trump of any potential crimes.

“We never saw anything like the prostitution of [the presidency] like we see it today,” Biden said. “What’s going on is an absolute travesty. A travesty of justice.”

Filipinos in America who read the article posted their comments on social media. Here are some of them:

“Absolutely NO PARDON. Trump should be made an example of how a president should NEVER be and how his destructive actions should NEVER be repeated by any future president. Pardoning him is sending the wrong messages. Lock him up and throw away the key. Any president in the future shall shudder at the thought of abusing power.” – Lee Leon

“Ask this question on January 20th.” – Karen Kay Kelly

“I will regret that I voted for Biden if he does that!” -Manolo Patoot

“What would VP Biden pardon Trump for if the former takes office as president? All accusations on Trump were unfounded. The question is: would he be able to pardon his son since he could not pardon himself. Biden’s only recourse would be to resign snd the VP becomes President who, in return, pardons him as Ford did to Nixon. Remains to be seen!!!” – Evelyn Andamo

“How will a Biden pardon for Trump unify the country? His supporters will only accept Trump’s return to power, nothing less. A united United States of America, redundant and funny as it sounds is not going to happen soon (if at all) as long as Trump is around.” – Alex Aison

“I think we will still be divided even if he pardons him. It will encourage others to become as reckless as Trump because they will count on a pardon after all the destruction they create. Trump should be subjected to the consequences of his actions according to law.

He is what he is now, because growing up, he was always shielded from the consequences of his actions. Pardoning him will create many more Trumps in future generations.” -Angela Vergel de Dios

“Thank you for this article. Saved me from doing my own research. I don’t think anyone in this group wants Biden to pardon Trump. But, like you said, if trump wants a pardon, he has to admit he did something wrong. He will never admit that he did something wrong.” -Grace Bustamante

“Trump should not pardon Biden for stealing the election! You are disgusting for being biased. Not all Asians support your hypocrisy.” -Josie Robb

“With all the anger, confusion and division he started in America…He deserves to be punished and feel the pain we suffered.” -Vilma Camaya

“Why should Biden pardon Trump? In fact, the DOJ should prosecute Trump for his crimes.” – Malou de Asis

“Justice, law and order cannot be sacrificed for the sake of unity. If Trump, his family and cult members broke the laws, they should all be persecuted and punished. No one is above the law. – Rogelio G. Sion

“If Biden pardons the POS traitor then Biden becomes complicit in the crimes.” – Peter Cabal

“A pardon will be a stupid move and a betrayal of the voters who voted to oust Trump.” -Jet Guerrero

“Anybody in their right sense knows inside them that TRUMP is as delusional as it gets! This is an awful period of our generation and things should be done RIGHT….what is going on!?!?!? Nobody seems to be doing anything about this President!?!?!? I am quite shock[ed] that the people…the Republicans just let him still do what he please[s]… nobody to stand up against his lunatic behavior… Where is the hero against all [these] misfit character[s]… I thought at one time… there was one guy!?!?!?” – Mary Rose Amistad

“Truth Prevails…Justice Prevails…No one can defy the Constitution. No one can be above the Law.  God Bless America” – Joy Carpio

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