Bayan Masaya In Historic Filipinotown

All are invited to the 120th Philippine Independence Day celebration on June 2, 12-5pm at SIPA, 3200 W. Temple St., Los Angeles.

Dubbed as BAYAN MASAYA (short for Bayanihan sa Araw na Makasaysayan) the event will be a health, cultural and community resources fair in Historic Filipinotown (HiFi), the cultural heart of Filipinos throughout Los Angeles.

Not only the home of around 10,000 Filipinos, HiFi is a landmark showcasing some uniqueness that bring pride to every Filipino: it is the only place in the United States bearing the word “Filipino” in its name; signage on the boundaries within and on the freeways surrounding HiFi are present; the Kagitingan (Valor) monument built in the Lake Street Park is a dedication to the Filipino soldiers who fought for the United States in World War II, among others.

In addition to highlighting the spirit of bayanihan, unity and harmony in our own diversity, as one of the Filipinos’ distinct characteristics, some of the goals of this fanfare are to provide a wholesome, appropriate home- away-from home gathering for kababayans as a way to connect with one another in the hope of bringing about emotional, psychological, spiritual and intellectual support; lighten homesickness, delight in common activities, enjoy homegrown food and cultural entertainment; provide community resources, preventive health education, nutrition and health practices; showcase Filipino talents and provide free entertainment, through cultural presentations, folkdances, including OPM Karaoke; to name a few; to enhance HiFi as a tourist destination for visiting kababayans; to encourage community and civic engagement by providing opportunity for kababayans to contribute their talents skills, interests and attention to a worthy cause; to enlighten the community about the current issues on Immigration, “public charge”, Health Insurance, citizenship; affordable housing and other benefits such as MediCal, DentiCal, etc.

Gift cards will be raffled off for those who will participate in the educational health workshops on HepatitisB, Mental Health, etc. Door prizes and give-aways will also be available to lucky winners.

Collaborating organizations include Asian Pacific Health Care Venture, Search to Involve Pilipino Americans, Pilipino Workers Center, Filipino American Service Group, Manaois System Martial Arts, Tender Loving Care Family Caregiver Foundation, HiFi Tennis Association, and MOTHER Movement. Asian Journal serves as the media sponsor for Bayan Masaya 2018.

For further information, interested individuals including vendors, exhibitors, sponsors, cultural performers and others may send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]

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