PACCAL observes the international celebration of Women’s History Month (First of three parts)   

THE month of March was globally earmarked as Women’s History Month (WHM) to highlight the idiosyncratic contributions of women in history as well as in our contemporary society. Here in the US, the initial unofficial celebration of the recognition of women power originated back in 1911 and later in 1980 a Presidential Proclamation by Jimmy Carter declared March 8 as National Women’s History Week. Years later, after a thorough scrutiny and panel discussions, congress passed a resolution in 1987 authorizing the president to proclaim the month of March of each year as Women’s History Month.

The whole world now legally identifies and adequately distinguishes the trailblazing women achievers in various fields, even in the areas where men used to exclusively dominate. Current social standards have acquiescently accepted women’s identical dominion and their gradually intensifying status that made them at par with their male counterparts.

The Pan American Concerned Citizens Action League, Inc. (PACCAL), a Jersey City-based (501) (C3) community service-oriented organization has been annually observing this monumental event for years, honorably recognizing the full potentials and incredible achievements of the female populace this side of the world.

This year, the grandiose occasion is slated on Saturday, March 30, 2019 (from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.) at the Ramada Plaza Hotel (160 Frontage Avenue, Newark, NJ 07114) while capably steered by its heartening theme: “Accomplished women: Victors of success, inspiration, and morality.”

PACCAL’s impressive roster of awardees is composed of 17 women achievers from different fields of professional endeavor and one of them is the sole recipient of the most coveted title: “Influential Woman of the Year.”

Leading the Awards Night gala are three equally skilled and former PACCAL honorees that constitute the prestigious position as Honorary Chairpersons who are truly worthy of acclaim and emulation.

Meet PACCAL 2019 WHM Honorary Chairs

Ma. Pilar Monje 2019 WHM Honorary Chair

Maria Pilar Monje: Capably equipped with a Master’s Degree in Area Studies specializing in Asian Studies at the University of the Philippines and a Certified Public Accountant, Maria Pilar Monje finished her Bachelor of Science in Accounting (Magna Cum Laude) from the University of San Carlos, Cebu City. A consistent scholar since primary grades, Pilar has painstakingly catapulted to such professional level for her unparalleled diligence, distinct working routine, and unmatched skills while simultaneously delivering innumerable community and humanitarian services.

Since her own family was directly associate with Mater Del College (Bohol), it was effortless for them to be dynamically compromised in helping underprivileged but deserving college students. Her community involvement, volunteerism and prominent affiliations (which includes PAFCOM, Association of Filipino-American Accountants-NJ Chapter, Friends Indeed USA, and National Council for Philippine American and Canadian Accountants) were duly recognized with NCPACA Lifetime Achievement Award, Most Outstanding Foreign Worker from TUMFI, 2017 WHM Excellence in Accounting from PACCAL, among others.

An accomplished ballroom aficionado, Pilar’s being passionately fashionable didn’t escape the scrutinizing eyes of smartly stylish group and justifiably recognized her as One of 2017’s Timeless Stars and Mrs. Philippines Hearts and Hopes.

Mark F. Alvarez 2019 WHM Honorary Chair

Mark F. Alvarez: Talent is indeed unlimited in the case of upcoming clothing designer Mark F. Alvarez. After having proven his worth and capability to establish and manage Golden Kings, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of aquatic wildlife and biodiversity, he further spread his wingspan to a field he’s quite comfortable with (creative clothing design) since he himself is innately and passionately fashionable.

  He debuted his maiden collection at the Renaissance Fashion Evolution, a fashion gala jointly organized by him and his mom, dancer-choreographer Virgie F. Alvarez, where his daintily tattered and intricately patched pants and jackets were thunderously received by a huge audience of discriminating taste. A bigger leap followed closely when he joined the recently concluded New York Fashion Week and from there, much brighter plans were conceptualized.

Resting on his laurels is far from Mark’s ambitiously crowded mind. Unbeknownst to many, Mark’s compassionate nature stimulated his concerns about equitable health care, thus, the founding and establishing of Agape Home Care, a family-owned company which rightly solidifies his public status as a member of the Board of Health of Tenafly, New Jersey.

Nieva Quezon Burdick 2019 WHM Honorary Chair

Nieva Quezon Burdick: Living up to the illustrious standards and upright status associated with her maiden last name serves as either a challenge or an inspiration to Nieva since the Quezon legacy has been politically carved, honorably stamped, and discerningly encompassed in the glorious annals of Philippine history. It was easy for Nieva to meet the idealistic family lineage since she has perpetually embraced a vocation considered the noblest of all profession: education.

Blissfully married for three decades to Roy Burdick, a State Senior Parole Officer, they were blessed with five children and currently prides of her nine grandkids.

Distinctively hard working and equipped with an empathetic heart for others, Nieva took advantage of her being a Quezon in organizing and planning multi-service groups that would be of service to the community. Aside from privately donating and supporting Balay Ni Charie Foundation and St. Paul Alumnae USA, she was Honorary Chair at United Federation of Fil-Am Educators, Honorary Member and awardee of PACCAL, assistant treasurer of PACEC, Forever Business Owner Int’l at Forever Living Products International, a volunteer at St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, member at Ilocano American Association Inc., Vice Pres & Treasurer at Philippine Community Center Services for Aging, and Director of St. Paul University Manila Morgan Stanley.

PACCAL ‘s newly installed president Rolando F. Javier is all agog with the way frenzied preparations are going while members of his steering committee are simultaneously giving pertinent attention to every detail of the forthcoming event, his first ever huge project.

Coming up in the next issues: the 17 Women Achievers and the lone recipient of the “Most Influential Woman of the Year” award.

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