Why newbie actor Joshua Garcia is considered John Lloyd Cruz 2.0

Why newbie actor Joshua Garcia is considered John Lloyd Cruz 2.0

I HAVE written about John Lloyd Cruz in my column, and while the title (above) seems deprecating to him, allow me to say that it has nothing to do with his performance nor his overall personality. John Lloyd will always be John Lloyd.

This has more to do with the fact that these two actors would hold their own and have their own distinct style and persona that make each one unique.

However, there is no denying that young actor Joshua Garcia has the makings of a “John Lloyd Cruz.” And while the latter is taking a hiatus from showbiz, people are really noticing how these two can be two sides of the same coin. If Joshua could learn all he could from his ‘predecessor’s’ craft and his life choices, he may actually turn out to be a 2.0 version.

Joshua Garcia started out on the reality show “Pinoy Big Brother” back in 2014.  Back then, he was this young, awkward 16-year-old boy from Batangas. Now 19 years old, the boy has turned into a young man and is considered one of ABS-CBN’s fast-rising male stars. He starred in three hit movies and three teleseryes.

Joshua is the quintessential boy-next-door. He can play the role of a childish, hopeless romantic teenager and still pull off a serious and drama-heavy role with minimal effort. His smile can make a girl swoon but it’s his playful personality that makes him loveable to his fans and co-actors. Joshua strikes one as the guy who is still bewildered by their success, yet knows how not to waste it. I mean the guy takes his craft seriously!

“Nineteen years old pa lang ako, pero sobrang sineseryoso ko ‘yong craft ko.” Joshua said in his YES! Magazine interview.  “Ayaw nila ng pangit na pelikula. Kailangan talaga makipagsabayan. Pinipilit ko, ang hirap, ang galing ng mga kasama ko,” he said.

His efforts do pay off as his movie “Vince & Kath & James” was an MMFF top grosser. Even though the movie’s material may not be as groundbreaking compared to its contemporaries, it became the festival’s highest grosser commending Joshua and his loveteam Julia Barreto’s acting.

A year after their first movie together is a sophomore effort helmed by acclaimed rom-com director Antoinette Jadaone, Love You to the Stars and Back. He also starred in one of the top-rated MMK episodes. His latest and current teleserye, “The Good Son,” is getting even greater reviews, viewers are raving about it.

The story may seem too familiar to Filipino viewers but it captures the familial aspect in the situation. In this case, it revolved around the ‘sons’ hence, the title. “The Good Son” is about a philandering husband who had two families, with one on the verge of falling apart.

Victor Buenavidez (Albert Martinez), a successful businessman who toiled his way to the top is married to Olivia (Eula Valdez). They have two sons Enzo (Jerome Ponce) and Cal (Nash Aguas).

The “other” family is a much meager home. Racquel (Mylene Dizon) who now has a son Obet (McCoy de Leon) with Matias (Ronnie Lazaro). Victor has a son, Jopet (Joshua Garcia) with Racquel. Things have gotten complicated as confrontations stared when Victor suddenly died.

They wondered what had caused Victor’s sudden demise, or who was behind it—a fact that would turn their worlds upside down and baffle the minds of viewers.

Playing Jopet’s role, Joshua’s talent shines like you’ve never seen it before. He shows depth in his acting–something that’s not easy for such a young actor but he  is indeed showing some fine acting chops. And though we’re trying not to compare him to JLC (John Lloyd Cruz), his ability to stand out with or without a leading lady is just undeniable.

Speaking of leading lady, his onscreen partner Julia Barretto is a contributing factor to his success onscreen — maybe off-screen too — who knows? Their team-up is oozing with chemistry.

It actually has the makings of the John Lloyd-Bea Alonzo magic. It may be too soon to tell but as far as the looks, charm, chemistry and acting skills are involved, they have what it takes.

Aside from Julia Barretto, Joshua was also paired with Loisa Andalio, Kira Balinger, and Jane Oineza. And just like JLC, he pairs seamlessly with them, not outshining them or overshadowed by them — his versatility is outstanding.

To Joshua Garcia, I see what people see in you — dedication. And though we see so much of JLC in you as well, we know that you can make a name for yourself. Version 2.0 or not, I hope you continue to love your craft by improving each time and make your own new and improved version. Good luck!


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