President Trump’s first 28 days: A poll survey

President Trump’s first 28 days: A poll survey

IT was said to be one of the most ambitious agendas ever laid out by a president in years.

During President Donald Trump’s first few days at the White House, he took several actions: from motioning to repeal Obama’s signature health care law to renegotiating trade deals to suspending immigration from terror-prone regions.

As far-reaching as his agenda may be, Trump did come through with some of his goals, among them: an executive order to advance the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, an Inauguration Day proclamation and a waiver that allowed his nominee for defense secretary to serve. And while all of this is happening, the women’s March was also ongoing.

For my column this week, I put together survey on what people, specifically the immigrants feel or think about the president’s first month as leader of this nation. (Note: I changed the names for anonymity).

“For me, he is doing so great! He is a wonderful leader who is just fulfilling what he promised during the campaign. Even with all the oppositions of the prideful liberals, he still manages to work so well every single day. His direct communication with the people via social media is really one great way of communicating to the people. I love how focused he is in reaching the goals of his movement – to make America great again! Significantly, I love that he is working so intensively on the border wall that includes the areas both illegal immigration issues and business coming back in the country by setting the tax lower for the businesses here and making the tax higher for importing products in the USA. I strongly believe that if we buy American products, it should be made here in America. It is unfair for Americans to spend money while their economy is going down and many are losing jobs.

On the issues of illegal immigration, aside from security in the US, it is also fair that people respect the law and order of the country under the Constitution. I myself, as legal immigrant believes that we are to respect immigration policies.

On the refugees, I believe we are to help them in their country. Well, it would have been ok to help them coming in here if they are not causing trouble but very clearly, that is not the situation with these refugees. They are demanding and making troubles. Making it not safe for the citizens to live in their own country. What we can see from Europe are enough evidence.”

- Grace (Chicago)

“It’s a little chaotic. But I voted for him … so I’ll stick with my vote. Some have asked why I did and I’d tell them America needs change. Plus, I support the republican ideologies. Regarding the travel ban. I myself know firsthand how it was to be an undocumented worker, which is why I made sure I didn’t stay that way for long. Those countries are real hot on the list… And immigrants should do the right thing by going to the right process to be a documented immigrant.”

- Mario (Delaware)

“He’s ok I think. I mean even if he is notorious for strictly implementing the laws and making sure the government officials adhere to such laws; including police officers’ proper enforcement ng authority, then he cannot be faulted for that because that breeds stability more than anything. Unlike what’s happening to my home country (Philippines). The US government now may seem unstable because of the opposition against Trump, but not to the point that it affects the people directly. What I see instead is that the people are the ones who are causing political unrest.” 

- Daniel (California)

“I didn’t like him as president before because of his “morals”, but because of his plan to “make America great again, I voted Republican, mainly because of Pence. But I believe Trump’s keeping his promise and I like what’s happening with the ban and other things. I don’t believe in the media news anymore. I listen to Jay Sekulow more and Fox news.

In a time, such as this, where differing opinions don’t necessarily divide a nation, but makes them accept the differences and make compromises, I want to keep a positive outlook. I want to believe that there is hope for America and that as our new president says, “[we] can make America great again.” 

- Lucia (Los Angeles)


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